Web Checkout

Available for the following platforms:
Shopgate Connect Shopgate Go


Shopgate offers a feature called Web Checkout that allows you to quickly integrate with your eCommerce platform’s mobile checkout and utilizes this within the Shopgate app. This allows your customers to experience the same checkout process they already know from your desktop shop.

Why Web Checkout? Web Checkout enables Shopgate to support all payment methods, shipping options (international) and tax settings you have already set up in your eCommerce platform. Other settings such as price and shopping cart rules that you have defined are also adopted and do not require further configuration with the use of Web Checkout.

Currently, Shopgate supports Web Checkout for Magento, Shopify and Shopware merchants - for more information contact support@shopgate.com.

How does Web Checkout work?

When your customers navigate to checkout within the app, they are automatically directed to the mobile checkout page for your eCommerce platform. This means that the purchase is technically completed through your desktop shop, which has been visually adapted to display within the app. This process takes place in an in-app browser so that the customer doesn’t have to leave the app.


The Shopgate system ensures that your customers are already logged in to the Web Checkout and that the shopping cart is automatically transferred. This makes the payment process for your app users completely effortless, while you benefit from an increased conversion rate.

If you've made any special technical or visual adaptations, these will also be fully implemented without any additional installation or configuration. Internal ordering and shipping processes that you've set up in your eCommerce platform will be retained. Web Checkout allows your existing processes to be available within the app, creating a remarkable customer experience.

As long as your eCommerce platform supports persistent shopping carts, Web Checkout allows the synchronization of the shopping carts between the app and desktop shop. This means your customers can shop in the app and the desktop shop simultaneously. For example, if an item is added to the shopping cart in the app, it will also be added to the cart in the desktop site, and vice versa.

Supported Functions 

To learn more about Web Checkout, please contact Shopgate support directly.