Ship from Store - Batch picking



Batch picking allows you to process several orders in bundles. This significantly increases efficiency in the case of a high number of orders. For example, your employees can process all open shipping orders in one in the morning.

Note: Batch picking is only available for orders of the Direct Ship type and only in the native In-store app. Other order types such as Click & Collect are usually not bundled once a day, but processed as soon as possible after the order is placed.



Start batch picking

To start batch picking, at least two orders of the Direct Ship type must have the status "Open" for the store.


When you tap on the "Start batch picking" button, a pop-up will open. You can select how many orders you want to pack. By default, the system selects all open orders. This number can be manually reduced.


After tapping on "Continue", the batch is created and the pick process can be started. The orders are now displayed bundled in the workbox.


Pick Process

Once the pick process is started, you will see an overview of all items to be picked. These are listed independently of the associated order.


You have the possibility to cancel the process at any time via the menu. In this case, all orders will be set to "Open" again.


You have, depending on the settings, several possibilities to pick the articles.

Manually via the "Pick" button: By tapping on "Pick", the complete quantity of the item to be picked is marked as "fetched". This process is more error prone than scanning the barcode.

By Barcode Scanner:
By tapping on the scanner icon, you can either pick all items (button at the top) or individual items. As soon as you scan a barcode, an article is marked as picked. If there are several identical articles, the article has to be scanned several times - depending on the settings. The scanner will also indicate if a product has already been scanned. After the scanning process is complete, simply tap "Confirm".

6434904755612  6434904753692


Manual barcode entry::
If a barcode is not readable, the number can be entered manually:

6435224722844  6435208599452


Once all items have been fetched, you can mark the order as "Finish Picking".


Then the pack process starts.


Pack Process

The packing process starts with an overview of all picked items, which are now grouped by orders


You can now select them individually and process them in the usual shipping process:


Pack the Order


Create & print shipping label



Once all orders have been completed, the batch process will also be completed automatically.



A product is not available

If a product from a batch is not available (e.g. due to damage), you can simply mark it as "Unfulfillable". To do this, simply tap on the three-dot menu next to the item and select "Unfulfillable".


In the next step, please tell the system how many products are available.


The system now automatically recognizes which orders can be fulfilled by you and removes them from the batch. You always see the number of orders at the top. The removed orders are reassigned by the system in the background.


A product must be put back

This can occur when an order consists of several items. In this case, it may be that you have already removed one or more items from the order, but another item is damaged, thereby removing the entire order from the batch. In this case, the app will show you that the item(s) already fetched must be returned. The order is then removed and the batch can be completed.