Push Opt-In

Push notifications are your app’s most important marketing tool. In this article, we will explain how you can optimize the consent rate for push notifications.

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How Do App Users Agree to Push Notifications?

  • All relevant iOS/iPad OS versions: App users must explicitly agree to push messages via an operating system dialog. This dialog cannot be changed and can only be accessed once.
  • Android up to version 12: All app users automatically receive push notifications from the moment the apps are installed, unless you subsequently deactivate them via device settings.
  • Android from version 13: App users must explicitly agree to push messages via an operating system dialog. This dialog cannot be changed. If this dialog has been rejected, the app can show another, individual dialog.

How High Are Opt-In Rates?

This depends heavily on many factors and cannot be answered in general terms.

While the opt-in rate on Android was almost 100% before Android 13, on average this steadily decreased with the spread of Android 13+ and now comes closer to iOS. Depending on the source, the opt-in rate for iOS varies between 40-60% of app downloads. We at Shopgate see a rate of 52% for our apps on iOS - without further optimizations.

A key factor in optimizing the opt-in rate is how you ask your app users for consent. We look at helpful measures in this article.

How Can I Increase the Opt-In Rate?

1. Communicate added value

What added value would you like to offer your app users via push notifications? Summarize and communicate these points when asking for consent. Shopgate offers an optional soft opt-in that precedes the operating system dialog.

  • Are there regular app-only offers or discounts ?
  • Are new items offered first through the app?
  • Are there helpful notifications such as shipping confirmations, shipment tracking or back-in-stock reminders ?

2. Timing

A key to successful consent can be that you wait for the right time or, if necessary, request consent several times via the Shopgate soft opt-in before the operating system dialog is shown.

  • Don't just ask once when you start the app for the first time, but multiple times
  • Do you offer shipment tracking via push? Mention this after the first order.

3. Encourage opt-in with additional features

Create additional added value through new app features . For example, offer that users can be notified of sold-out items when they are back in stock . The app automatically asks for the opt-in at this point. Contact Shopgate to activate back-in-stock reminders for your app.

4. Avoid opting out

Avoid subsequent unsubscribes from push notifications by sending messages that are as relevant as possible. For example, use event-based messages such as shopping cart reminders, personalize messages using customer variables and segment messages. See how push notification open rates change based on segments, content, frequency, and timing.


Contact Shopgate today to individually configure your push opt-in. We are happy to help!

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