“Inactive device reminders” via push

Reactivate your app users: Set up the “Inactive Device Reminder” at Shopgate

What is the “Inactive Device Reminder”?

The "Inactive Device Reminder" is a standard event offered by Shopgate to remind users who have not used your app for a certain period of time. As soon as an app user leaves the app, a corresponding timer starts. After the timer expires, a push message is automatically sent to the device. 

How do I activate the function?

Activating the “Inactive Device Reminder” is very easy. To do this, go to Marketing > Campaigns in your Shopgate admin. There, select the “Event” tab and then the “Inactive Device Reminder - Push” campaign that has already been created.

inactive device1

The campaign is already linked to a corresponding message template and the Open App interaction. You can customize these as you wish. Check the settings, insert an image if necessary  and save the campaign.


To then set the time after which a message will be sent, go to "Settings" and set the time there.

event settings1


Done! Your “Inactive Device Reminder” is now active.

Expert tips from Shopgate

Since event-based push messages like the inactive device reminder have an average opening rate that is 6x higher and conversion rates x15 higher than normal push messages, you should definitely use this function.

In our experience, reminders work best after 60-90 days. You don’t want to scare your users with too many messages.