In-Store App


The Shopgate in-store app for iOS and Android supports all of our order fulfillment features, as well as our clienteling capabilities. Here's how to use the app:


App download

The In-Store App for iOS and Android offers the following advantages over the web interface:

  • Push notifications for new orders
  • Login via Face/TouchID
  • Clienteling functions (e.g. assortment and customer overview)




Web interface

The dealer area provides a way for fulfillment without any additional device. Your employees simply log into the merchant area using existing computers in the store. The fulfillment workbox can be found at Fulfillment → Workbox. Your employees do not need additional admin permissions to access it. Fulfillment rights for the store are sufficient.



The app observes our flexible roles & permissions system. Therefore, depending on the assignment of permissions, certain functions from this article may not be visible. Simply set up a new account for your employees in the merchant area and distribute the permissions per store. You can find out how to create employees here(link to english article/german does not exist). The availability of functions varies depending on the contractual scope of services. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Important: Please note that employees are logged out after 18 hours of inactivity for security reasons. If you use a device with biometric login (e.g. Apple Face ID), this can also be used to log in to the app. The app will ask you after the first login if the biometric login should be used.


System requirements of the app

Device recommendation for iOS

Min. iOS Version: 12.0

Recommended devices:

  • ab iPhone 8 (Plus)
  • ab iPad 5th Generation
  • ab iPad Air 3rd Generation
  • ab iPad Pro 2nd Generation
Device recommendation for Android

Min. Android Version: 8.0

Android devices are much more fragmented compared to Apple. Therefore, there is no dedicated list of supported devices.

We have tested the app with the most common Android smartphones and tablets. In particular, this includes Samsung devices from 2018 (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S9/10/20/21 or Galaxy Tab S4). The devices must have at least 2 GB of working memory.

If you are using a different device, please feel free to contact us. We will check whether we can provide binding support for this device.

Supported printers

For labels: Brother QL-820NWB

For package slips: Any printer

Supported Bluetooth scanners

Honeywell Voyager 1602g Pocket Scanner





This page is the home page of the app. From here, you can access all functions of the app that have been released for you as well as all open orders with a tap of your finger. Furthermore, in the top right corner you can switch between different clients and/or locations that are enabled for your account.

Global search

The global search on the home page allows you to search all areas of the app with one search. The search finds:

  • Orders
  • Fulfillment orders
  • Products
  • Customers


The search always shows the first two entries. The link below will take you to the complete list.

During the search, the respective rights of the app user are automatically taken into account. Only those who have access to customer data, for example, will be able to see them in the search.


Global Barcode & QR-Code Scanner

The app offers you a barcode & QR code scanner. This is accessible from any page of the app in the bottom menu. This feature makes it easier to search for products, orders, or customers in the app. Simply scan the barcode of a product with it and it will take you to the product page to check stock in the warehouse for example.

The scanner can read the following codes:

  • Barcode
  • QR code

The scanner searches the following fields for the content of the code:

  • Products
  • Orders
    • Order number
    • External order number
  • Customers
    • Customer number
    • External customer number

The respective rights of the app user are automatically taken into account. For example, only those who have access to customer data will find it when scanning a customer card.


Fulfillment Workbox


In the workbox, your employees process new orders in the store. The push notification for a new order links directly to the corresponding order so that your employees can process it efficiently.

In the overview, you and your employees can immediately see all orders in their respective status at a glance. Orders in "Open" should be processed as quickly as possible. Orders in the "In process" column are currently packed. Orders in "Ready for pickup" are currently being picked up (Checked in) or are waiting for the customer to arrive (Ready), depending on their status.

The orders can be searched and, if there is access to several stores, filtered per store. The 🕓 icon at the top of the "Open" column can be used to activate orders that will only become active at a later time. This is done in conjunction with activated pick-up windows.


Pick process via camera scanner

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The app supports a scan-based picking process. For this purpose, the camera of the device is activated after selecting the scanner. During the scanning process, you can still see the list of items to be packed and their status. The app gives you visual as well as haptic feedback during each scan. After the scanning process is complete, simply tap "Confirm".





In this tab, store managers can see statistics on fulfillment in the stores. This allows you to check at a glance whether, for example, orders are not being processed quickly enough in a particular store.

The top chart is a view of the complete lifecycle at the current state. This means that you can see all orders that have ever passed through the Shopgate system. These are broken down by current status and can be filtered by store. 

The lower diagrams show the processing times per status and some other statistics. These charts are also affected by the store filter at the top of the page and can additionally be filtered by specified time periods.



Biometric login

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The app supports biometric login with Touch ID or Face ID, for example. The prerequisite is that the corresponding login is set up for the device. After the first successful login in the app, you will be asked whether you want to activate the biometric login. You also have the option to reset, activate, or deactivate the login via the settings at any time.


Printer setup

The app supports printing packing slips and labels. To do so, simply set up a printer or multiple printers on your device (e.g. via AirPrint). Then, go to "Settings → Printers" to configure the printers for packing slips and labels, as well as the number of copies per order. Once this setup is complete, you can print packing slips and labels for orders. To do this, simply press the 🖨 in an order.

Additionally, you can activate the option for "Auto-Print" in the printer configuration. This will automatically print packing slips and labels as soon as an order is set to "Ready". This will save you time on every order.

Another option is to print labels multiple times. This can be helpful when customers pick up more than one package at regular intervals. When enabling this option, the app will ask for the number of labels to be printed.


External Bluetooth Scanner

The manual for the Bluetooth scanner we support can be found here: Manual. After completing the setup, you can use the scanner without tapping the scanner button first.