Facebook Analytics for Apps

Access tons of information on your mobile business--as well as your mobile users--using Facebook Analytics for Apps.


Why should you want to know about your customers? Put quite simply, it's crucial information that you should use to inform your entire mobile strategy, especially the marketing components of your shop. Facebook makes this easier than ever by displaying your mobile user information in beautiful graphs that portray segments such as age, gender, location, platform, and app versions.

To see an example of exactly what Facebook Analytics can cover, see the graphic below:


What do I need to set up Facebook Analytics for my app?

It's super easy to set up - all you need is your Facebook App ID. 

Account Info Description
Facebook App ID

This is the App ID generated by Facebook.

Where can I find my Facebook App ID?

Don't have a Facebook Developer Account yet? Follow the instructions here to create one.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to configure Facebook Login to use Facebook Analytics for my apps?

No, it's not necessary to setup Facebook Login to use Facebook Analytics.