Enrolling in Apple Developer Program as an individual

This article will walk you through the process of creating an Apple ID and enrolling in the Apple Developer Program.

All merchants who wish to publish an iOS app are required to enroll in the Apple Developer program.

In this article, we will walk you through the process to enroll in the Apple Developer Program as a single-person business.


number_in_circles_1Create an Apple ID

Use an existing email address associated with your company to create an Apple IDWe recommend using an email address that multiple people in the company can access, such as your support or info email. If you don't have a company email address, please create one first.

  1. Create Your Apple ID.
  2. Enter your company email in the form and fill out the rest. This email will be your new Apple ID. Apple will send important actions or decisions regarding your app to this email. Please make sure to check your email regularly.
  3. A 6-digit verification code is sent to you via email. Enter the code in the pop-up that opens. This code will expire three hours after the email was sent.
  4. Your Apple ID is created. Make sure to turn off "Two-factor authentication" for your Apple ID. Please be aware that creating an Apple ID is NOT the same as creating an Apple Developer account. 

number_in_circles_2Enroll in the Program

Once your Apple ID is created, open the Apple Developer Program Enrollment page.

  1. Click Start Your Enrollment and sign in with your new Apple ID. 
  2. Read and agree to the Apple Developer Agreement. Click Submit.
  3. Now your Apple Developer Program will open. Select the block Join the Apple Developer Program on the Welcome page and click Enroll on the next page.
  4. In the field "I develop apps as," select Individual/Sole Proprietor/Single Person Business as your Entity Type. Click Continue.
  5. Enter your legal name, phone number, and address on the next screen and click Continue. Your legal name will be displayed as your app's seller in the App Store.
    • Important Note: the legal owner of the company must register for the Apple Developer account. 
  6. Accept the "Apple Developer Program License Agreement" by checking the box on the bottom of the page and clicking Continue.
  7. On the next screen, review your purchase details and select the option Automatic Renewal. If Automatic Renewal is not used, please set a reminder on your calendar (repeat yearly) to renew your membership every year. Your app will be removed from the App Store within 24 hours upon the expiration of your membership.
  8. You will now be forwarded to the App Store. Log in again with the same Apple ID and password.
  9. On the next screen, pay $99 with your credit card and click Continue.
  10. Accept the Terms & Conditions and click Continue. Follow the onscreen instructions until you see the "Thank you" page.

You have now enrolled successfully in the Apple Developer Program. You will receive two welcome emails and a payment confirmation from Apple at your Apple ID email address within an hour or so.

number_in_circles_3Set up at Shopgate

Your Shopgate team works hard to create and update your app. In order for our team members to do their job, please enter the information for your Apple Developer account at Shopgate.

  1. Log into your Shopgate Admin.
  2. Navigate to Settings → Native Apps → Apple Developer Account.
  3. Select Individual/Sole Proprietor/Single Person Business and click Continue.
  4. Enter your Apple ID and Password, then click Confirm Setup.


That's it! You have now finished setting up your Apple Developer account! We will create and upload your iOS app within a few days. You will get an email confirmation from Apple once this process is complete.

For more information on Apple Developer account, please visit Apple Developer Support. For questions about the enrollment process, please contact us at support@shopgate.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I enroll as an individual or organization?

If your company is a corporation (Corp., Inc.), limited liability company (LLC, LC, Ltd. Co.), or a legal entity (GmbH, AG, KG, oHg, etc.), you must enroll as an organization or your app will be rejected.

If you are a sole proprietorship or a single person company, you must enroll as an individual.

Can I enroll as an individual and have my company appear as the seller on the App Store?

No. To have your company name appear as the seller, you must enroll as an organization and your company must be recognized as a legal entity. If you are a sole proprietor/single person business, you must join as an individual and your legal name will appear as the seller.

If you have enrolled as an individual by mistake and need to convert your individual membership to an organizational membership, please contact us at support@shopgate.com.

How does the enrollment work?

When enrolling as an organization, you can review the license agreement and purchase a membership after Apple Developer Support has verified your enrollment and sent you an email with the next steps. You can check your enrollment status in your Apple Developer Program. Be sure to sign in with the Apple ID you used to enroll.

Individuals and sole proprietors/single person businesses can review the license agreement and purchase a membership at the time of enrollment.

How much does a membership cost?

The Apple Developer Program membership is $99 per membership year in the United States and 99€ in Europe. This cost is the same for an individual membership and an organizational membership.

To provide a long-standing app, you must renew and pay for your membership every year.