Click & Collect Overview

Offer your customers an additional fulfillment method and effectively reduce your bounce rate at the checkout. With Click & Collect, customers can pay directly online and pick up the products at the store of their choice.



Difference to Click & Reserve

The biggest difference to Click & Reserve is the payment of the products. With Click & Collect, this already takes place online, so your customers only need to pick up the order. Accordingly, this is an additional step that must be taken into account when integrating it into the store.


Process Example

  • Your customer buys a shoe for a specific store in your online store
  • Your employees in the store receive a push message on their tablet
  • Your employees pack the pair of shoes from the order near the cash register
  • Your customer automatically receives a text message with the pickup notification
  • Your customer enters the store and wants to pick up his/her order
  • Your employee offers the customer a shoe polish
  • Your customer pays for the shoe polish locally and takes the order with her
  • Your employees record the receipt number and change the order in the app
  • Based on the voucher number, the order can be credited for upselling


Advantages for Retailers

  • Efficient and automated order processing
  • Stores as fulfillment hubs
  • Plannable and reliable ad hoc sales
  • Seamless customer journey
  • Increased up- and cross-selling potential through trained in-store staff
  • Reduction of purchase abandonment rate through additional fulfillment methods
  • Reduction of shipping costs


Benefits for Customers

  • Time savings through fast availability of items
  • Cost savings through on-site pickup instead of shipping
  • Secure and fast payment online