Klarna Payments

If you're based in the US and need to update your payment method, please contact Shopgate support.

Accept invoice payments in Germany and Austria with Klarna.

How do I set up Klarna at Shopgate?

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin page.

  2. Click Settings from the menu bar, then select Payment.


  3. Find the "Add payment method" section, search for "Klarna", and select it under payment provider from the list.

  4. Enter your Klarna account information in the pop-up window and click Save.


  5. That's it! Klarna is now successfully set up as your invoice payment provider.

What information is needed?

To connect your Klarna account, you need the following information:

  • EID: This is also known as the Merchant ID or Store-ID, and is provided to you by Klarna.
  • Secret: This is the Shared secret provided to you by Klarna.

Where can I find the required information?

To find the required information mentioned above, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Klarna account.

  2. Click Display store on the left side.

  3. Your EID is the Store-ID on top. The Secret is the Shared secret at the bottom of this screenshot.