Is my Shopgate plugin connected properly?


Installed a Shopgate plugin but products are not importing?

Your mobile content hasn't updated since you changed a few things? 

Now is a good time to ask: is my Shopgate plugin connected properly?

To check this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin page.
  2. Click Integration from the menu bar, then select Install Interface.

  3. On the page, click the Actions drop-down, then click Ping.

  4. On the result page, verify if both Connection and Authentication are successful.

  5. If both entries show "Successful," your shop system is connected properly via the Shopgate plugin.

If you see "Unsuccessful," check the plugin configurations in both your shopping cart system and in your Shopgate Admin page. Make sure the shop number, customer number, API key, and Shop alias are entered correctly. Also, make sure that your desktop shop server is running online. 

For more information, read this troubleshooting guide.