Click & Reserve Overview

What is Click&Reserve?

With Click & Reserve, you offer your customers the option of reserving products online and picking them up at the store of their choice. Quite simply via your online store or in our storefront. Payment is made at the local point of sale when the order is picked up at the store.

What is the difference to Click & Collect?

The biggest difference to Click & Collect is the payment for the products. While Click & Collect requires that the function be implemented in the checkout of a store system, for example, Click & Reserve can simply be implemented directly on the product detail page with Shopgate.

Furthermore, with Click & Reserve, special attention must be paid to measure success. With our intuitive fulfillment app , we guide your store staff through the entire process, including customer check-in and purchase tracking.

Process example:

  • Your customer reserves a pair of shoes for a specific store in your online store
  • Your store associates receive a push message on their tablet
  • Your employees pack the shoes from the order near the cash register
  • Your customer automatically receives a text message with the pickup notification
  • Your customer enters the store and wants to pick up his/her order
  • Your employee checks the customer in within the app
  • Your customer tries on the shoes, buys a second pair of laces and then pays in the store
  • Your employee records the receipt number and changes the order in the app
  • The order can be credited for upselling based on the receipt number

Advantages for retailers

  • Your financial and inventory processes remain unaffected
  • Increased upselling and cross-selling potential through trained in-store staff
  • Reduction of the return rate and possibly shipping costs through fitting
  • Reduction in purchase abandonment rate through additional fulfillment methods

Benefits for customers

  • Guaranteed availability of the desired product thanks to live inventories
  • Additional on-site professional advice
  • Only pays when item fits and is pleased
  • Avoid incorrect purchases

Integration of Click & Reserve

Click & Reserve can be integrated very simply in the first step to deliver immediate results. If you use our Storefront , only categories and products need to be imported. Provided you have sufficient inventory in all stores, there is not even a need to transfer current inventory. As your employees check and pack the order, an item can still be requested from the central warehouse in this manual step if necessary, or an alternative can be offered via contact with the customer.

Stocks can be integrated flexibly depending on the store. For example, you can transfer data live via our API for your own stores and work with daily CSV imports for connected retailers. Functions like safety stock allow very flexible integrations.

For implementation in an existing store system, you can either use our plugins for Click & Reserve or make your own integration with our Storefront JavaScript if required.

To automatically synchronize new reservations with your inventory-managing system, a corresponding integration can be done via our API . This will automatically report new reservations to you so that the items can be rebooked/unbooked in inventory management.