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Segmentation lets you define customer segments that put your customers into different groups. These segments can then be used in other modules. For example, you can create a notification that is sent out only to a specific customer segment, or a promotion that will only be applied if a customer is in a specific segment.

There are two different types of segments:

Fixed Segments

In a fixed segment you can manually manage a list of customers based on some criteria. You can add and remove members of the segment directly within the Shopgate Admin or via the API. 

Dynamic Segments

In a dynamic segment you define a set of criteria & conditions about who should be a member of the segment (e.g. only iOS users, or only users with a life time value > $100). These criteria are then evaluated for the segment any time the segment is used and customers are automatically added or subtracted to suit the criteria.


Creating a new segment

To create a new Segment, go to Shopgate AdminMarketingSegmentation.


The following fields can be configured for a Segment:

Field Description Example
Name Internal name for the segment. Make sure to use something descriptive, so you can later easily find the segment when you want to use it in other places. Engage customers that never ordered
Code Internal identifier of the segment. Used if you want to access the segment via API. engageNoOrders
Type "Fixed" or "Dynamic" Dynamic
Status Active or Inactive. Can be used to prepare segments or temporarily disabling them. Active
Description Optional. Internal description of the segment. Engage customers that never placed an order (life time value = 0)
Membership Inclusion Rules

Only available for Type "Dynamic".
Lets you define a set of criteria & conditions for when a customer should be part of this segment.

"Has Engage" = Yes
"Life Time Value" = 0
Members Only available for Type "Fixed". A manually managed list of customers that are part of this segment.  


Be sure to click 'Save' once you have completed setting up the segment. You can also preview the results of the segmentation in most cases. 


Custom Attributes

For dynamic segments there are a number of different criteria available to choose from, but you can also add your own custom attributes to unleash the full potential. For example, if you have a loyalty program for your customers, you could add a custom attribute to each customer like "LoyaltyStatus: Bronze/Silver/Gold". Another example would be to save the preferred brand in a custom attribute. These custom attributes can then be used to define dynamic segments that for example only include your gold customers.

You can use the Shopgate API to create custom attributes and assign them to your customers. For more information, please contact support.

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