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With our promotion module you can create discounts that can either be applied automatically to the cart, or require the shoppers to enter a coupon code. You can specify a specific coupon code, generate a list of coupon codes, and import your own codes. With the powerful "Criteria & Conditions" feature you can specify exact conditions that need to be met in order to get the promotion applied to a cart.

Currently we are supporting order level promotions, which means you can configure a fixed or percentage discount off the complete order, and product level promotions, giving you the opportunity to create discounts only for specific products/categories, as well as "buy x get y" type of promotions.


Creating Promotions

To create a new promotion log in to your Shopgate Admin and go to Marketing Promotions.


The following fields can be configured for a promotion

Field Description Example
Code The internal identifier for this promotion. summer2020-5off
Name Name of the promotion, will be shown to the shopper Summer promotion, 5% off everything
Description (optional) Internal description, will not be shown to the shopper  
Promotional text (optional) Text that will be shown to the shopper 5% off everything!
Status Defines if the promotion is active or inactive. Can be used for preparing promotions or temporarily disabling them. Active
Active Date The promotion will not be applied / available to use for shoppers before this date.
Please be aware: This does not impact the "Status" field from above. An "Inactive" promotion will still not be applied / available to shoppers, even if the "Active Date" is reached.
09/21/2020 12:00 AM
End Date (optional) The promotion will not be applied / available to use for shoppers after this date. 09/21/2020 11:59 PM
Promotion Type Defines what will be discounted. "Order" gives discount off the complete order subtotal, "Product" discounts specific line items Product
Product Discount Type Only for promotion type "Product". Defines if it is a "Simple Discount" (Percentage/absolute off specific products) or "Buy x get y" (e.g. for "Buy 3 get 2 free" or "Buy 2 get 50% off 1") Buy x get y
Discount Sets if the promotion gives a percentage or absolute discount (e.g. "-5%" or "$5 off"). For product promotions you can also overwrite the price with a fixed price or make the product free. Percentage (%)
Modifier Sets if the promotion gives a discount (-) or adds a surcharge (+).  -
Amount The discount amount 10
Promotion Criteria & Conditions Configure specific rules when the promotion will be applied.

"Minimum subtotal of $30"
"Fulfillment type: ROPIS"

"All products in category "shoes" excluding products on sale"

Customer gets Products Only available for product promotions of type "Buy x get y". Lets you specify the products y that will be discounted. "Product with product code 123"
"All products in category "shoes" excluding products on sale"
Coupon Configuration Configure if the promotion is applied automatically to the cart, or if a coupon code is required. Single Coupon Code
Promotion Limits Additional limitations for the promotion, for example to exclude other promotions, or set a total number of redemptions. Cannot be combined with "10% newsletter coupon promotion"


Coupon Configuration

There are 4 different options when using coupons in promotions.

1. No Coupon Required

In this mode a promotion is automatically applied to the cart when the conditions are met.

ℹ️ Information: Only one promotion of type "No Coupon Required" will be applied to a cart. If there are multiple applicable promotions, the one that gives the highest discount to the customer will automatically be selected.

2. Single Coupon Code

In this mode you can configure a single coupon code. The customer has to enter this coupon code in the cart in order to apply the promotion.

ℹ️ Information: Only one coupon can be added to a cart each time. A customer has to remove a previously entered coupon in order to add a different one.


The following fields can be configured for coupons:

Field Description Example
Coupon Name Internal name for the coupon. Summer2020 coupon
Coupon Code The code of the coupon. This is what shoppers need to enter in the "Coupon" field in the cart. summer2020
Maximum Redemptions Per Coupon (optional) How often this coupon can be redeemed. If left empty, the coupon can be redeemed infinite times. 500
Maximum Redemptions Per Customer (optional) How often this coupon can be redeemed by a single customer. If left empty, a customer can reuse this coupon infinite times. 1


3. Generated Coupon Set

This mode works similar to the "Single Coupon Code" above, with the main difference being that instead of using a single coupon code, you can generate a list of coupons. For example, you can use this if you want to give out individual coupons to each customer.

You can configure a prefix and suffix that will be added to the generated coupon codes. Depending on how many codes you want to generate, the generated coupon codes will have more or less characters. There is an example that is updated in real time in order to show you how the generated coupon codes will look.

After saving the promotion you can download the list of the generated coupon codes as a CSV file.


4. Imported Coupon Set

This mode works similar to the "Generated Coupon Set" above, but instead of having the coupon codes autogenerated from the Shopgate system, you can upload a CSV file with the codes. This is useful if you are generating coupon codes in a different tool and want to make them available on Shopgate.

Please be aware that you can upload multiple CSV files. The new coupon codes that did not exist yet will be added, previously imported coupon codes will not be deleted.


Promotion Limits

Here you can configure additional limitations that apply for this promotions, such as combining promotions with other promotions or defining a total redemption limit. The available options depend on the promotion Type.

  • Cannot be combined with: Here you can exclude other promotions, so that they can not be applied at the same time. The promotions that are available to exclude depend on the promotion type and the priority of which promotions are applied at Shopgate. For example product promotions are applied first, order promotions afterwards. Because of this, when configuring a product promotion you can exclude order promotions, but when configuring an order promotion you can not exclude product promotions. Also see "Priority of Promotions" below.
  • Max redemptions per order: Only available for product promotions. Limits how often a promotion can be applied for a single order. Example: for a "Buy 2 get 1 free" promotion, if the shopper buys 2 products he would receive 1 additional product for free. If he buys 4 products he would receive 2 for free etc. Now with "Max redemptions per order" set to "1", if the shopper buys 4 products he would still only receive 1 for free.

Priority of Promotions

Shopgate has a defined priority in which promotions are applied. This priority is relevant for the discount calculation. For example if there are 2 promotions applied, one with an absolute discount and one with a percentage discount, the priority will affect the final discount amount. Also it affects which promotions can be excluded from other promotions.

The priority of which promotions are applied is as follows:

  1. Product promotions without coupons
  2. Product promotions with coupon
  3. Order promotions without coupons
  4. Order promotions with coupon


Promotion handling when order is changed after it is placed

ℹ️ Information: When an order is changed, e.g. a product is removed or added to the order, the applied promotions are re-evaluated at the time of change. For example if the promotion had a minimum subtotal configured, and after the change the minimum subtotal is not reached anymore, the promotion is automatically removed from the order. It can also be that a promotion is automatically added, if the order qualifies now but did not so before.


Example promotion configurations

$5 off complete order, minimum order value $60

  • Promotion Type: Order
  • Discount: Absolute, $5
  • Promotion Conditions: Order subtotal >= $60

Buy at least 5 of specific product, get 20% off these products

  • Promotion Type: Products
  • Product Discount Type: Simple Discount
  • Discount: Percentage, - 20%
  • Promotion Conditions:
    • Product in {myProduct}
    • Line Item Quantity >= 5

Buy 3 get 2 free for specific products

  • Promotion Type: Product
  • Product Discount Type: Buy x get y
  • Discount: Free
  • Promotion Conditions:
    • Product in {myProduct1}, {myProduct2}, ...
    • Line item quantity = 3
  • Customer gets products:
    • Product in {myProduct1}, {myProduct2}, ...
    • Line item quantity = 2

Buy 2 get 1 50% off for complete category, excluding products already on sale

  • Promotion Type: Product
  • Product Discount Type: Buy x get y
  • Discount: Percentage, - 50%
  • Promotion Conditions:
    • Category in {myCategory}
    • Product on sale = no
    • Line item quantity = 2
  • Customer gets products:
      • Category in {myCategory}
      • Product on sale = no
      • Line item quantity = 1
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