Fulfillment Scheduling

With Fulfillment Scheduling you can offer your customers to select a defined pickup window for their order. The available pickup times can be configured per location.

For example, this can be used if you are offering perishable products that can not be kept ready for pickup for a long period of time.


Additionally, with the possibility to set a maximum number of orders per pickup window, it allows for more control over the workload in your stores.



How to enable Fulfillment Scheduling

First, you'll need to enable Fulfillment Scheduling in the Admin → Settings → Enable Fulfillment Scheduling.


Afterwards, you'll need to configure the available pickup windows for each location. As a default, a newly created location does not have any pickup windows, so you need to make sure that these are set up in order for customers to be able to choose a pickup time.


Configuring Locations

If Fulfillment Scheduling is enabled, the simple store hour configuration for the locations is replaced by an advanced store hours & pickup window configuration.


On the location detail view you can see the opening hours and pickup slots that are configured per weekday. Click on a day and the configuration for this day will open.



Here you can configure the different time slots. For each time slot you can chose if the store is open or not, if the slot is available as fulfillment window, and how many orders you allow for this window.
If Max Orders is left empty, it means that there is no limit.
Per default the fulfillment slots are predefined to every full hour, but it is also possible to configure other timeframes, e.g. 30 minute windows.

Another setting that is set per location is the Scheduled Fulfillment Pick Time.


Based on this time, a notification will be sent to Relate & Deliver x minutes before the pickup time, as a reminder to start preparing the order. Also the customer will not be able to select a time slot that is too soon and there is not enough time for picking & packing anymore.

Example: Pick time is configured to 60 minutes.
At 4:15pm and a customer wants to place a new order. The time slot 5pm - 6pm is not available anymore because the 45 minutes left are below the configured 60 minutes pick time. The customer selects the next possible time slot which is 6pm - 7pm and places the order.
At 5pm the notification will be sent to relate & deliver to start preparing the order.



Configuring via API

All the configurations above can also be done programmatically by using the Shopgate API. This is useful if you have a large number of locations and you want to save the effort of configuring every location manually.
If you want to use our API to do these configurations, please contact our Support.


How it looks like in the storefront

Upon opening the storefront, the customer will be asked to select a location and choose a time slot.
The selected location & time slot will always be displayed above and can be changed any time.




Pickup Reminder Notification


We are sending out a notification to the customer when the pickup window for an order is upcoming. The time, how many minutes in advance the notification should be send out, can be configured in the General Settings.


Example: If you configure a time of 120 minutes, and the customer placed an order with pickup on Thursday, 5pm to 6pm, the notification will be sent to the customer on that Thursday at 3pm.

The content/appearance of the notification can be configured like all other notifications in Marketing → Templates.

Please be aware that by default the "Order ready for pickup" notification will also be sent out, when the order is marked as "Ready for pickup". If you do not want thois notification can be disabled in Marketing → Campaigns.


Relate & Deliver

Fulfillment Scheduling is supported in the Relate & Deliver app version 1.3.10 and above.

Orders with scheduled fulfillment are shown in the workbox in the "Open" column, as soon as their time is reached, based on the "Pick time" configured for this location.
Example: If an order is scheduled to be picked up between 5pm - 6pm, and the Pick Time is configured to 60 minutes, then the order would show up at 4pm.

It is also possible to see upcoming orders. For this just tap on the icon 🕓 in the header row.


On the Fulfillment Detail Page, the scheduled pickup time is shown on top right. It is also possible to change the time slot after pressing on EDIT. The order limits are ignored in this case as this is a manual override.


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