Displaying Unit Price Information

The unit price of a product is the base price per measurement unit. For example for a 600g pack of cereals, the unit price of this product would be the price per 1kg.
Displaying the unit price is currently only supported for metric units.
This setting fulfills the EU Norm 98/6/EG about displaying price information for products.

Enabling Unit Price on the Storefront

In order to display the unit price on the storefront, you first need to enable the corresponding setting. Go to Admin -> Design -> Appearance and enable the Setting for Display Price per Measure Unit.


Additionally, all of the related fields on the product data need to be set. If any one of these fields is not set, the unit price will not be displayed for this product.
There are 4 relevant fields:

FieldName Description Example
Unit The unit that the product is measured in g
UnitValue How much of this unit the product contains 600
UnitPriceRefUom The unit that should be used for the unit price kg
UnitPriceRefValue Quantity measurement of the unit price 1


Here are some example products and how the different fields would be set:

Product Unit UnitValue UnitPriceRefUom UnitPriceRefValue
Aspirin pills, pack of 80 piece 80 piece 1

Cereals, 600g pack

g 600 kg 1
Chocolate Pralines, 75g pack g 75 g 100
1.5kg Bag of Apples kg 1.5 kg 1



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