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Shopgate is built to be fully GDPR compliant. In this article you will find information about what you can configure and what you need to do in order to make your shop GDPR compliant.

Deletion of customer accounts

Customers can request the deletion of their accounts directly in the my account section. All customer related data is then automatically deleted from the Shopgate system. Some data might be excluded from the deletion because of government regulations (e.g. invoice data).

The customer data needs to be deleted across systems. That means that in case you imported some of the customer data into your own system, you also need to delete the data from there. In order to do this we are providing an Event “CustomerDeleted” that you can subscribe to via webhooks and then can act accordingly. Always when a customer requests deletion of this account at Shopgate this event will then be fired and you can take the necessary steps on your side.

In case the customer requested the deletion of his account in your system, you also need to send a deletion request to Shopgate, to make sure that the data is deleted at Shopgate as well. It is possible to delete customers at Shopgate directly via the Shopgate API. Please contact our support to get more information about how to do this.

Cookie Consent Dialog

You can display a cookie consent dialog that will ask the user for permission to use cookies for tracking purposes. If the customer does not approve this, he will not be tracked in any of the analytics. In order to enable this dialog, go to Admin → Design → Appearance and find the option Cookie Consent Dialog.

There are 3 available options:

  1. Off - No Dialog shown. Marketing cookies will be allowed by default
  2. Standard - Dialog is shown. The primary action button will allow required & marketing cookies by default
  3. Strict - Dialog is shown & only the primary action button only allows required cookies by default


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