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Fulfillment Labels


Fulfillment labels are designed to be attached to pick & ready fulfillment packages for that are waiting for Shoppers to come in to collect their items. 

You can now create and modify fulfillment labels though the new form based editor found in the Design module. 

Editing Fulfillment Labels


This form based editor allows you to create or modify fulfillment labels while previewing them in real time. Similar to the notification templates, you can insert variables that will be filled in with order specific values. The editor allows you to complete the following fields:

  • Logo File:
  • URL:
  • Tagline: 
  • Lines 1 - 10

All textual fields also allow you to change the font size and alignment. 

On the right side of the form, you will find the preview and controls to change page parameters such as page unit of measure, page length, and margins. 

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