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My Account


The new "My Account" functional brings several features to improve customer engagement & self service, as well as improved engagement. 


The profile section allows customers to view and edit their account information. Customer's can edit their name, email addresses, and address book; allowing editing or addition of new addresses. 

A customer can also request their account be deleted to support GDPR and CCPA standards. 

Order History

The order history section of My Account consists of two parts, the order list and order detail page. 


The order list is sorted by order date descending and displays the following fields:

  • Order Date
  • Order Number
  • Status
  • Number of Line Items
  • Order Total

If a customer clicks on an order, the order detail page will be displayed for the selected order. 


The order detail page is very similar to the order status page. It displays the full sales order and latest status. 

Wish Lists

Customers can add or remove items from one or more wish lists. By default, there will be a single wish list. The default name & handling type can be managed in the Design | Appearance tab within the administration client. 


Wish lists support two "modes", by default items that a customer has added to a wish list will stay in their list when they add it to the cart. However, this behavior can be changed so that items will be removed when a customer adds the item to their cart. 


On the storefront, a customer can see each wish list and any items that have been added to it within My Account. However, within My Account they can also choose to create additional wish lists with custom names or remove an existing wish list. 


Customers can simply add products to any wish list from the Product Detail Page. If customer has a single wish list, when the "add to list" button is clicked it will automatically add the item to the list.


However, if there are multiple lists they will be prompted to choose which list they would like to add or remove the item from. 


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