Store Finder (New)

Improved Store Finder

A new and enhanced Store Finder is now enabled and is directly connected to your configured locations within the Shopgate Administration console. 


Enabling Location to Show in "Store Finder"

In order for locations to display in the Store Finder they need to be configured. This configuration allows you to "exclude" specific locations like "warehouses" or other fulfillment locations that are not "primary" store locations while sill allowing fulfillment locations for fulfillment. 


On each location that you would like to display in the Store Finder, simply ensure that the "Show in Store Finder" checkbox is checked. 



Store Finder in Action




The Store Finder will display by default for all new merchant accounts or the menu item can be added manually to the navigation for existing merchants (see menu editor). 

By default, all locations that are within the current default search radius will be displayed. However, a user can update their current location or enter a zip code, as well as changing the search radius to expand or reduce the search. 

Onece a store is selected, a map with the location address pinned will display along with location details such as:

  • Location name
  • Today's store hours
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Store hours
  • "Get Direction" link which will open a new tab to Google Maps. 
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