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Fulfillment Module Introduction

The fulfillment module provides access to details around fulfillment orders within the Administration client. Access to this module can be configured through security roles and permissions.  

Fulfillment Order Grid


The fulfillment order grid provides a list of key information about fulfillment orders that meet the criteria of the selected filters. 

Displayed Fields:

  • Order No.
    • Displays the sales order number.
  • Fulfillment No.
    • Displays the fulfillment order number.
  • Date
    • Displays the date / timestamp when the fulfillment order was created. 
  • Age
    • Displays the current age of an order from the time it was marked as "Ready". 
  • Name
    • Displays the first name and last name of the primary contact on the fulfillment order.
  • Status
    • Displays the current status of fulfillment order. 
  • Type
    • Displays the type of fulfillment on the order; Direct Ship, ROPIS, or BOPIS.
  • Location
    • Displays the name of the location where the fulfillment order is currently assigned to for fulfillment.



By default this view displays a summary of all locations within your organization. However, this overview can be filtered to a single location with a quick change of the location filter. It is important to note that changing the location filter will also impact the fulfillment cycle times at the bottom of this page. 


By default the grid will display fulfillment orders in all statuses. However, you can quickly select any fulfillment order status that would you like to limit the results to. It's important to remember that the filters work in combination with each other. 



The fulfillment grid allows you to search by several fields on the fulfillment order. The default "All" will do a text search using a "contains" logic on Order Number, Fulfillment Order Number, and Name. You can also select a more specific search to limit the searched fields to either Order Number or Name. 


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