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Locations Management


Create and manage (edit, delete) Fulfillment locations.

Locations Grid


  • Code — System ID for the location. The Merchant must define and maintain this code.
  • Name — Name of the location (could be a warehouse name, store name, etc.).
  • Address — Physical address of the location.
  • Type — Store, Warehouse, etc.
  • In Store Pickup — The user can choose this setting in the Location details while adding or editing a location.
    • True — Location displays in fulfillment search.
    • False — Location does not display.
  • Inventory Mode — The user can choose these settings in the Location details while adding or editing a location.
    • Blind — Indicates that the product is always available and exact number of remaining items does not display. Refer to the Inventory section under Catalog for details.
    • Integrated — Displays number of available items remaining.

 A user can search by a location code or a location name.


Location Details Page



  • Location Enabled slider — Disabling the slider removes the location from the Store selector (Customer Journey) as well as from the Location module in R&D app.
  • Store Details
    • Store ID — Defined ID that must match the location code in the WHS system.
    • Type — Store, Warehouse etc.
    • Location Name — Name of the place or city where the store is located.
    • Store Manager — Optional field.
    • Locale — Country locale. Based on the BCP 47 standard. Format: `language-region`. Examples: de-DE, en-US, en-GB.
    • Time Zone.
    • Visibility - Allows you to set if this location will be shown on all storefronts. 
  • Address Details —Address details of the location.
  • Location Lat and Long — Store geo coordinates.
  • Store Hours — Displays on the Location selector modal on the PDP in customer journey.
  • Location Settings
    • Allows users to check or uncheck the fulfillment methods offered at the location. Based on the selection here, the feature for shoppers to add BOPIS or ROPIS are enabled on the PDP.
    • Assists with Routing.
  • Fulfillment Location Finder
    • Show the location in Fulfillment Finder (Currently Inactive)
    • Coming Soon Flag
    • Display store hours
  • Inventory Settings
    • Inventory Blind
    • Inventory Blind with Assortments
    • Inventory Integrated
      • If the Inventory is integrated, user can set a safety stock level by percentage or by absolute value which shall be for all products for that location.
  • Fulfillment Handling Settings
    • Enable Automatic "Ready" Status for Fulfillment Orders
      • When enabled any fulfillment order that is routed to this location will automatically be set to "Ready" and all customer notifications will be automatically triggered. 
    • Scheduled Fulfillment Pick Time
      • This field is only used when Fulfillment Scheduling is enabled. Please see the support article for more information: Fulfillment Scheduling
    • Pickup Instructions
      • This text can be used in the notifications sent to the customer, to give additional instructions for pickup. For example "The pickup counter is located behind the main entrance on the left" or "Please call +1 (123) 456-789 when you arrive".
    • POS Transaction ID Format
      • REGEX expression that will provide an input "mask" for store associates when entering POS transaction IDs. 
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