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Order Status & Notification Links

Order status pages allow shoppers to quickly get the latest updates on their orders, allowing quick and easy access to the must up today details, include any substituted or added items. 



The order status page requires that a registered shopper be currently logged into the storefront or the shopper will be asked to provide the email address and phone number associated to the order before any order information will be displayed. 


Order Status Description Text

You can set custom order status description text which is displayed right under the order number and status name. The text allows you to create and set the right expectations with your shoppers based on the currently order status and your fulfillment processes. 

These descriptions can be set in the Design Module within the Admin console on the Appearance Sub-Module. 



It is now possible to automatically include a URL to the order status page directly in notification messages. You can add the minimized or tiny URL by simply inserting the Order URL event variable from the Sales Order variable list either in your notification template or campaign. 


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