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Granting Shopgate access to Facebook Analytics for Apps

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Occasionally, you may be required you to give Shopgate access to the Facebook services your business uses. This isn't meant to be an invasion of privacy or overreach--it's simply a step that we, as professional developers and analysts, need to take to make your shop live up to its sales potential. Here's some information on how you can make it an easy, painless process that preserves your privacy and saves everyone involved some time.

Your Tasks

Grant Shopgate access to your Facebook Analytics for Apps

  1. Navigate here and register as an admin of your Facebook App. If you have multiple apps, please choose the one that is connected with your Shopgate app.
  2. Select Roles on the left-hand side.
  3. Select Add Administrator on the upper right.
  4. Add the Facebook user provided by your Customer Success Manager. 
  5. For security reasons, you will need to verify the steps by confirming your password.


Shopgate tasks

Request access to Facebook App

Have you already created the Facebook App?


Facebook App ID entered at Shopgate Admin?

What are the steps?



The shop has already set up a Facebook App and deposited the Facebook-App ID in the Shopgate Backend.

The shop has to request access to the admin area.

The process of setting up the Facebook app is stored in the shop documentation.

As soon as the shop has added the account as admin, the Facebook app of the shop will appear in the "Apps" section on the accounts.

Please write down the ID of the app because it will be needed later on.



The shop has already set up a Facebook app, but the Facebook app-ID is not stored in the Shopgate backend.

The shop is required to deposit the Facebook app-ID in the Shopgate backend. If that is the case, go back to Step 1a.


Haven't created the Facebook App yet?

If you haven't set up a Facebook App for your shop, Shopgate offers the service to help you do so. You only need to inform Shopgate about the Facebook account which is assigned as admin.

The app ID will be needed later. You’ll find it here.


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