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Facebook Ads for Apps

Increase the number of people who download your app and increase engagement from existing customers simply by using Facebook Ads for Apps.


Please note that mobile app install ads serve in mobile web and native apps. Mobile app engagement ads only serve in native apps.

Preparing your Facebook App

To advertise your Shopgate-powered mobile app on Facebook, please follow this guide to create and connect a Facebook App.

Creating a Facebook Ad for Apps

To create a Facebook Ad for Apps:

  1. Go to Ad Creation and choose Get installs of your app or Increase engagement in your app.

  2. Enter a campaign name, your account info, and choose the app you want to promote.
  3. Create a customized audience using Events and Parameters.

  4. Choose the budget, images and text for your ad before placing your order.

Learn how to create an ad here.

Read App Installs for more guidelines and specs for your Facebook Ads for Apps.


Frequently Asked Questions 

When can I use the Facebook Ads for Apps feature?

After you have configured your Facebook App, your Shopgate mobile app will be re-complied and updated.

Please request an app update. The feature will be released on your app in around five business days.

Do I need to configure Facebook Login to use Facebook Ads for Apps?

No, you don't need to configure Facebook Login on your Shopgate-powered app(s) to use Facebook Ads for Apps.

Where are the ads displayed?

Your Facebook Ads for Apps are displayed on different platforms:

Type of Mobile Ad Platform
1. Get installs of your app Your customers will see the ads in the news feed of the mobile web and native apps.
2. Increase engagement in your app Your customers will see the ads in the news feed of the native apps only.

Where can I see breakdowns for my App Installs?

Use Facebook Analytics for Apps to get better insights and breakdowns for your Facebook Ads for App Installs. Go to Events and click App Installs.


For more information, read Measure with Facebook Analytics for Apps.


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