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Creating a newsletter signup form: keeping your customers up-to-date

Collect emails and other information by setting up a signup form for your newsletter.

This is what your newsletter signup will look like in its final form:

While the email template in step 3 is not editable, you can customize your Signup Page, Success Page, and Confirmation Page. The color of these pages is automatically calculated from your shop color.

Creating a newsletter signup form

  1. Log into your Shopgate Admin.
  2. Navigate to Marketing >  Newsletter Subscription.
  3. Click Configuration.

Here you will see the fields you can configure in your newsletter signup process:

  • Show (optional or required) or hide a pre-defined field
  • Add a custom input field using a text box or a drop-down
  • Customize your Signup Page, Success Page, and Confirmation Page with a title and content
  • Enter an email address to receive notifications when someone signs up for your newsletter

Once you've made your configurations, click Save. For more details, please refer to this table.

That's it! You've created a newsletter signup form for your apps and mobile website.

Displaying your form with a QR code

After you have created a newsletter signup form, don't forget to promote it to your customers! You can do so by displaying a QR code anywhere you want.

  1. Click Overview to find a QR code for your main signup form.

  2. To print, click a QR code to reveal the print version or right-click to download.

If you have configured different store locations, you'll find a QR code for each of your stores on this page. Display a store-specific QR code in store or on the packaging to see which store gets the most signup!

You can also display your newsletter signup form on your apps and mobile website. Here is how.

Using the signup data


You'll find the number of signups and the subscriber information you have collected via the signup form by clicking Signups.



You can also export your subscriber information by clicking Export as a CSV file.

To use this data, simply upload the CSV file to your email marketing or push notification service.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What information can I collect using the signup form?

To get a quick idea of what you can configure and collect in your signup form, read below:

Pre-defined Fields


 TitleFirst name, last nameDate of birth

Street, house number | Zip code, city | Email

  Show or hide these fields in your form. If shown, all except email can be optional or required.


Custom Fields


Text field

When selected, you can enter a title of this field. A text box will be visible to your customers. 

Drop-down field

When selected, you can enter a title of this field and define as many entries as you like for your drop-down selections.

  Add up to three input fields using text boxes or drop-downs. These fields are optional for your customers.


Custom Texts


Signup page

This page shows the signup form.

Success page

This page shows after a customer signed up for your newsletter.

Ask your customers to check their inboxes and confirm their subscriptions on this page.

Confirmation page

This page appears when the customer has successfully confirmed their email address.

  Enter the content of the pages a customer will see throughout the signup process.


Notification Email address
  Enter an email address here to receive a notification when someone signs up for your newsletter.



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