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AdScanner: seamlessly converting sales from your advertisements

Your products, sales events, and more are only a scan away from your customer's smartphone. 



What is AdScanner?

AdScanner is a powerful feature which transforms your print ads into interactive digital ads in your smartphone apps.

Similar to a QR code scanner, the AdScanner can scan an image and recognize the content in your smartphone apps. Pre-configured markers will then pop up on the ad image, linking the customers to the product(s). With a single scan-and-tap, your customers are one huge step closer to purchasing your product!

Please note that iOS 7 is required on your devices to use the AdScanner feature. AdScanner is only available for iOS. 

Why should I use AdScanner?

The Shopgate AdScanner provides a solid foundation for the perfect marriage of traditional and mobile marketing. 

If you advertise products in magazines, newspapers, product catalogs, or with fliers, AdScanner is for you! With this brand new way of presenting a product straight to your customers' hands, your products will be hyper-visible and accessible.

Other benefits include:

Benefit Description
Increased app downloads AdScanner adds great value to your apps. To benefit from the convenience of the AdScanner feature, your customers will be more likely to download your app.
Enhanced accessibility Great deals are often missed from printed promotional materials. AdScanner allows your customers to access your store quickly and conveniently.
Increased customer loyalty Attractive advertising and relevant information about the products, categories, contact information, and appealing deals remind your customers that they will always find the desired product in your store.
Easier promotion Is there a sale or a product back in stock? Want to promote a new or trending product? AdScanner doesn't require your customer to remember anything, or to spend time and effort searching for your product.
Better branding When using AdScanner, your store will stand out from the rest by conveniently offering great deals and instantly delivering news to your customers. 

AdScanner focuses primarily on sales within your app. However, external sites, contact information, store locations, or your social media channels can also be scanned to open.

How do I use AdScanner?

To use the AdScanner feature, make sure to download the latest version of your Shopgate mobile app on your iOS devices.

  1. Create at least one AdScanner ad to activate the AdScanner in your apps.

  2. Open your app and look for the scanner icon on top of the screen. Tap on it. Allow access to camera if asked.

  3. Point your smartphone to a printed flier and tap Scan at the bottom.

  4. Voila! The entire ad image will now show with animated marker(s) "dropped" onto your smartphone screen. Tapping on a marker will bring you to (almost) any page in and outside of your app!

If you experience any issue with the AdScanner, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

How do I upload an AdScanner ad?

First, upload an ad to your Shopgate Admin. This ad can be a .jpeg or .png file. We recommend using vertical images as AdScanner ads because they look better on a smartphone and tablet.

  1. Click Marketing from the menu bar, then select AdScanner.


  2. The AdScanner page will open. Click Add new image to upload an advertisement file in JPEG or PNG format.
  3. Once a file is uploaded, a window similar to this will pop up. Enter a name for the ad. This name will be displayed as the page title in the app. On the right side, you will see three steps to configure your ad. These are explained in the next section.


Configuring the ad

  1. Select a marker from the drop-down labeled 1. Select marker. This marker will be visible to your customers after the ad has been scanned.
  2. Select an area on the ad to place the marker. Adjust the size of the area until you're happy with it, remembering you want to to be tap-able for all finger sizes and you want to leave space between markers.
  3. While the area is active (highlighted in orange), click on the text field 3. Add a link. This will open a window where you can choose which app pages you want your AdScanner ad to open. Link the ad and click Save.

You have successfully configured an AdScanner ad--make sure to test it in your app!


Frequently Asked Questions

Which app pages can I open from an AdScanner ad?

Options Link details
Product detail pages Link a product to your AdScanner ad by searching for its name or product number.
Category pages Link a category to your AdScanner ad by searching for its name or the category number.
Special pages in your app You can link the following app pages to an AdScanner ad:
  • Homepage
  • Cart
  • Favorite list
  • List of all categories
  • Store locations
  • My account
  • Imprint page
  • Terms page
  • Return policy page
  • Orders page
  • Shipping methods
  • Payment methods
Pages you created via the widget system Simply select it from the drop-down selection.
Coupons Link a coupon you created in the Shopgate Admin to your AdScanner ad by searching for its name. You can choose whether your customers will be redirected to the product page for which the coupon is valid, or place the coupon in cart.
Search Results Search for a product name, brand, property, etc. (For example: jeans, Hollister, red.) Your customer will see all matches from your search query.
Phone calls You can link your customer support phone number (or any phone number) to your AdScanner ad. Tapping the ad will initiate a call to the number you configured.
Emails You can link a pre-configured email to your AdScanner ad. Enter an email address, a subject, and the content here so your customers won't need to. They can send this email via a single scan and tap.
External Links You can link external sites to your AdScanner ad.

Why do I see a white screen when I open AdScanner?

The AdScanner function requires camera. If you see a white screen upon opening the AdScanner, please give camera access to your app by going to Settings → Privacy → Camera and enabling your app in the list.

Nothing happens when I tap an ad. What should I do?

If tapping one of your ads does not lead to the correct page, please check whether you have configured it correctly. For products, categories, and coupons, check whether they are currently active. 

Why couldn't I find the AdScanner function in my apps?

You need to create at least one AdScanner ad to see the AdScanner icon in the apps.

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