Troubleshooting: Order Failed To Transfer

Received an email alert for an "order failed to transfer"? Don't panic! This is probably nothing - you still have the order, just not transferred to your shopping cart yet.

For a quick self-diagnosis, check these 3 possibilities first:


Is my Shopgate plugin/app (still) connected to my shopping cart system?

In order to transfer a customer's order, an API connection between your mobile shop and your shopping cart system need to be established correctly. 

Ping your plugin to see if it has been connected properly to your shopping cart system.


Is any product in this order out-of-stock?

To prevent overselling, the Shopgate system triggers an error if a product is out of stock. If for some reason a customer was able to order this product, the order will fail eventually.

Verify if any product in this failed order is or was out-of-stock at the time of order.


Did the customer enter invalid data?

If the points above didn't help, verify if your customer has entered any invalid data. For example, phone number in a wrong format.



Please contact to resolve the issue.


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