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In this article, you will find everything you need to set up ConCardis as a payment method for your mobile website and apps.

Getting started

Registering a ConCardis Account

If you don't already have an account at ConCardis, please register for one here.

IMPORTANT: You need at least a Premium Plan with ConCardis for integration at Shopgate. "Comfort" plans will NOT work.

Collecting necessary information

To connect your ConCardis account at Shopgate, you will need the following credentials and configuration details. Please collect these before you proceed:

Account Info Description
PSPID This is your ConCardis Payment Service Provider ID.
User ID This is your ConCardis User ID, or the User ID of your API User Account.
Password This is your ConCardis password, or the password of your API User Account.
Hash algorithm Which Secure Hash Algorithm do you use? SHA-1, SHA-256, or SHA-512?
Character encoding Which encoding type do you offer for your secure payment? ISO-8859-1, UTF-8, or Character encoding with initial transaction request?
SHA-IN pass phrase (DirectLink) A verification phrase for added security.
Transaction Type What is your payment transaction type? "Authorize Only" or "Authorize and Capture"?
3D Secure Do you use 3D Secure function in your ConCardis account?
Supported credit card types You will be asked to select all the accepted credit cards in your ConCardis account.

To locate your ConCardis account details mentioned above, please read where can I find the required information?

Adding ConCardis as a payment provider

Setting up ConCardis at Shopgate

To set up ConCardis as a credit card payment method, please complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin page.
  2. Click Settings from the menu bar, then select Payment.
  3. In section titled "Add payment method," start typing "ConCardis" and select it when it appears.
  4. Enter your ConCardis account information in the pop-up window. Select the same credit card types configured in your ConCardis account. Your account information will be validated automatically.
    For more assistance, please read where can I find the required information?
  5. Set up additional charges if necessary and click Save.  

Activating DirectLink options

Before ConCardis can work in your mobile shop, follow the steps here to activate the DirectLink options in your ConCardis account.

  1. Log into your ConCardis account and navigate to Configuration > Account > Your options > Available options.
  2. Click Activate on all the direct link options: DirectLink (maintenance), DirectLink (new payments), and DirectLink (Query).
  3. To check if the options are active, go to Configuration > Technical information > Your technical settings. You should see all 3 DirectLink options listed under "Active transaction submission modes."

ConCardis is now successfully set up as your credit card payment provider. 


Where can I find the required information?

To find the information required above, please log on to your ConCardis account.


Point your mouse at the little figure on the top right. Your PSPID and User ID* will be shown here.

If you use a separate user account for API connection purposes, enter the User ID of your API user account instead. Am I using an API user account for API connection?


This is the password of your ConCardis login**.

** If you use a separate user account for API connection purposes, enter the Password of your API user account instead. Am I using an API user account for API connection?

Hash algorithm
& Character encoding

Navigate to Configuration > Technical information > Global security. Your Hash algorithm & Character encoding can be found on this page.

SHA-IN pass phrase (DirectLink)

Navigate to Configuration > Technical information > Data and origin verification. Look for the section titled "Checks for ConCardis PayEngine DireckLink" and click the Visible button. Your SHA-IN pass phrase (DirectLink) will be shown here.

Transaction Type
& Supported credit card types

Navigate to Configuration > Payment methods.

  • Look for "Payment procedure" - this is your transaction type.
  • Your supported credit cards will be listed below.

3D Secure

Choose between "Use 3D Secure" and "Never use 3D Secure."

To turn on 3D secure service in your ConCardis account, navigate to Advanced > Fraud detection. Click Edit to turn on the service for each credit card you use.



Frequently Asked Questions

Am I using an API user account for API connection purposes?

In your ConCardis account, you can set up API Users for the sole purpose of connecting to external services, such as Shopgate, via API. To check if you are using such an API user account, navigate to Configuration > Users (see screenshot below). 

If you see an account listed here for API connection only, enter the User ID and Password for this account at Shopgate.


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