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Listing your products in Google Shopping


Google Shopping is a great way to make your products found with the trusted Google search. Your products will be displayed in a catalog view and are made available for an extremely large user base.


Topics covered in this article:

  1. Generating Product Feed for Google
  2. Factors to be approved by Google Shopping
  3. Disapproval due to "Mobile Website Not Available"


1. Generating Product Feed for Google

To list products in Google shopping, you need to provide Google with attributes for product feed. Please refer to Google's Products Feed Specification for attribute descriptions and requirements.

For a quick view of which attribute is required, which is recommended, read Summary of attribute requirements for your taget country.


2. Factors to be approved by Google Shopping

Whether your products can be accepted depends on various factors. The biggest factor is whether your item meets Google's specifications exactly as described. A common reason to be rejected is that the URL contained in the attribute [link] is not a direct link to your product page (e.g. URL points to your homepage).  

Read Google's Landing Page Content for a list of common reasons a product is rejected. Click "contact us" at the end of the page to reveal further details and answers to your question.

If you need to adjust a feed, please contact the service provider of your plugin or export functionality.


3. Disapproval due to "Mobile Website Not Available"

If you received a message indicating that your products can not be accepted due to "mobile website not available", follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Make sure the product feed links to the landing page at your desktop website.
  • Make sure the link you provided is accessible on a desktop AND a smartphone. Google verifies if your links are available and point to the correct product page. This is done via a desktop client as well as a mobile client. Therefore it is important to ensure the respective redirect link.


Please note that at this moment Google Shopping does NOT require a mobile URL.