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What are the errors I'm encountering in my product import?

Check this list for explanations and solutions.

Error code 81: Cannot open file

Files don't have enough permissions.

In some shopping cart systems, you need to grant Write Permissions to the Shopgate plugin files via your FTP program. After system updates or changes, you may need to set file permissions again.

To check if your files are getting the necessary permissions, follow the instructions of your shopping cart. This information can normally be found in the section titled "Installing the Shopgate Plugin."

File directory is wrong.

If the file permissions are not the issue, it's possible that the directory of the file has been changed after an update or server change.

To update the file directory, follow the steps below:

    1. Follow the instructions of your shopping cart to open the Shopgate Plugin Settings page in your shop's backend. Your Shopgate settings (shop number, customer number, Alias, URL, etc.) should have been configured completely. Leave this page open.

    2. On your FTP server go to "../shopgate/shopgate_library", backup the folder config, then delete the file "myconfig.php" in the config folder.

    3. Now go back to the settings page from step 1 (do NOT change anything) and click Save. This will create a new config folder in the shopgate library with the updated file directory.

Now the file directory has been updated.



Error code 120: Authentication failed

Shopgate credentials are incorrect in plugin.

Please verify if your Shopgate credentials are entered correctly in the plugin configuration page in your shop backend. Where can I find my Shopgate/API credentials?

Your server time is incorrect.

The Shopgate server will automatically adjust the difference according to your timezone. However, if the hour or minute is not accurate to the time of your server's timezone, please contact your server admin.



Download error

[http_code] => 301

Error code 301 means the shop or API URL is incorrect at your Shopgate Admin.

In the example here:

  • The URL above the "[http_code] => 301" is the one that is causing the error.
  • Please update your shop URL to the one marked with [redirect_url]

[http_code] => 404

Error code 404 means your mobile shop is unable to "talk to" the Shopgate plugin. 

Please check if the Shopgate plugin is installed or activated correctly in your shopping cart system.


Download failed

File is empty or it only contains white chars.

Please check if the Shopgate plugin is installed or activated correctly in your shopping cart system.


Authorization request failed

Shop URL needs to be updated.

This error means that your mobile shop is not authorized to access your shopping cart system.

To fix this, please update your shop URL.


Validation failed

Files are in the wrong format.


Empty response from PluginApi

Plugin cannot retrieve settings.

This error means that the Shopgate plugin cannot retrieve some of the complex settings from your shopping cart system. Please contact support@shopgate.com to investigate the issue.


Import errors

No default category found.

Please contact support@shopgate.com to create a default category for you.

For more troubleshooting guidance on product import, please read How do I troubleshoot missing and outdated products?.

If you see an error that is not on this list, please contact Shopgate at support@shopgate.com. We are happy to help!

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