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Understanding refund options for canceled orders


If a customer decides to (partially) return or (partially) cancel an order after Shopgate has already made a payment to you, you can choose to refund Shopgate in one of the following ways:

  1. Offset against payments
  2. Charge and debit


1. Offset against payments

Shopgate will deduct the amount of refund from the next payment(s) to you.

If the refund amount is smaller than the next payment, you will get the payment amount minus the refund in your next payout cycle.

If the refund amount is bigger than the next payment, you will not get paid in that payout cycle. Shopgate will continue to deduct the rest from your next payouts, until the accumulated payout amount is enough to cover the total refund. You will then start to get paid again.


2. Charge and debit

Shopgate will pay you as usual, but charge the refunded amount to your payout bank account.

If you prefer to get charged this way, please give us authorization to collect money from your account by agreeing to the appearing checkbox: "I hereby authorize you to collect the amounts due by direct debit from my account."


To make changes to your refund options, please read How can I change my refund options?