Submitting apps to iOS & Android stores

IMPORTANT: Please read the Google Play Developer Program Policies and the iOS App Store Review Guidelines before uploading your apps. Any violations of the Google Play or App Store policies will result in a rejection of your apps. Apps with explicit or erotic content, icons, titles, or descriptions, or displays of sexual organs or activities will NOT be accepted by Shopgate.


To submit your apps to the iOS app store and the Google Play store, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin and navigate to Integration → Activate shop.
  2. On the lower half of the page, look for Public App. Use the Upload buttons to upload your iOS and Android app.
  3. You'll see this pop-up to remind you to upload app screenshots if you haven't already done so. Click Upload screenshots to continue.
  4. After you are ready to upload your apps, click on the Upload buttons again (step 3). Now the app status will change to "Cancel".

That's it! You have finished your part to upload your apps. To learn more on app status, read Checking my app status.


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