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How to import coupons via CSV files


Coupons can be imported via a CSV file onto your apps and mobile website.

In this article, you will find out how to create and import coupons via a CSV file.


Topics covered in this article:

  1. Getting started
  2. Creating a Coupon CSV file
  3. Uploading the CSV file



1. Getting started

Using a CSV (Comma-separated Values) file, one can easily create or import a list of coupons at once.

For more information on Shopgate coupons, read Setting up coupons.



2. Creating a Coupon CSV file

In this chapter, we will explain the structure of the CSV file to import your coupons. If your shop's backend could export your coupons data as a ".csv" file, please check the exported format with the requirements below. Otherwise, create a CSV file with a spreadsheet program (e.g. LibreOffice) manually.


2.1 General requirements

There are 3 general requirements about the Coupon CSV file:

  • File must be in UTF-8 format
  • Each row can only contain data on one coupon
  • All coupon codes must be unique


2.2 Coupon CSV Structure

To make sure that the Shopgate database program imports your coupons exactly as they are, please follow the file structure as explained in the table. Save your file as a ".csv" file.

To see an example, please click this sample CSV file for Coupons to download it.

  Column name Description Explanation Example
1 code Coupon Code The coupon code must be unique within a shop or for the marketplace. No punctuation or symbols allowed, the only exception is the hyphen (-). ABC123
2 item_number Item Number Item number of the coupon when it is used in an order. "COUPON" is the default value. COUPON
3 public_name Display Name Name shown to customers on the invoice and in the shopping cart. Coupon x
4 description Description Internal comments on the coupon. Comment
5 amount Coupon Value Value of the coupon 50,00
6 currency Currency Currency code USD, EUR, GBP, CHF
7 discount_percent Procentage Discount Percentage discount value (not applicable to shipping costs). No decimals. 10
8 is_free_shipping Free shipping Specifies whether shipping is free for the customer. 1 or 0
9 minimum_order_amount Minimum Order Value Minimum order value for the coupon to be valid 50,00
10 valid_from Valid Form The coupon is valid from the given date and time 2012-01-24
11 valid_to Valid To The coupon is valid until the given date and time 2012-06-24
12 is_valid_iphone_app iPhone App Valid in the iPhone app 1 or 0
13 is_valid_ipad_app iPad App Valid in the iPad app 1 or 0
14 is_valid_android_app Android App Valid in the Android app 1 or 0
15 is_valid_wp_app Windows Phone App Valid in the Windows app 1 or 0
16 is_valid_webapp Webapp Valid in the webapp / mobile website 1 or 0
17 is_valid_marketplace Marketplace Validity Valid for the Shopgate Marketplace. Attention: This must be a unique code for all coupon codes in the market place. 1 or 0
18 is_valid_standalone Stand-alone App Valid in your standalone-apps (iOS/Android/WP/Webapp) 1 or 0
19 restricted_item_numbers Item Number(s) A list of item numbers separated with “||” or an item number for which the coupon is valid. 987654||123456 or empty
20 restricted_category_numbers Category Number(s) A category number for which the coupons is valid, or a list of category numbers separated by "||". 159||753 or empty
21 restricted_country_ids Valid Countries A country code for which the coupon is valid, or a list of country codes separated by "||". us||de||fr or empty
22 redeem_limit Validity Type Three possible validity types 'unlimited', 'once_per_user', 'once'
23 is_promote Displayed Publicly Specifies whether the coupon should be displayed in a public list 1 or 0
24 is_active Activated Activates the coupon 1 or 0



3. Uploading the CSV file

To upload the CSV file you created, log into your Shopgate Admin and find the Coupons page.

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Coupons.

  2. On the Coupons page, click the Import button to go to the Import page.

  3. Click Select file to upload the CSV file. Click Save.

  4. Now the coupons should appear in the coupons list. Check if the details are correct. To make any changes, simply update your CSV file and upload it again.


That's it! Your coupons have been successfully uploaded via the CSV file.