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Step 5: Launch your mobile business!

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Activate your shop

Ready to go live and earn revenue? It's time to launch your mobile shop!

Simply give us a call at 1-800-490-2467 or send us an email at sales-us@shopgate.com. Your Shopgate representative will create a personalized package for you.

Set up mobile website URLs

You can use 2 sets of URLs for your mobile website:



For more details, read set up the mobile URLs.


Become an Apple & Google Developer

Anyone who wants to have an iOS and Android app is required to enroll in the Apple Developer Program and apply for a Google Play Developer Console.

Enroll in
     Sign up for


Submit iOS and Android apps

Submit your apps as soon as your app developer accounts are approved!

  1. Verify your app design.
  2. Enter app information.
  3. Submit your apps to the iOS and Android app stores.

The app review process could take up to two weeks.



Finished this step?

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