Promoting your apps

When your app is live, you can start to convert your customers to regulars. All you need is the right marketing tools. In this article, we will show you how to convince your customers to download your app and how to keep them long term.


Why should I promote my app? 

Every customer who downloads your app offers a great potential to become a regular. With this, you increase sales in long term. We show you how to use all marketing potential your app has from the beginning.

There are two ways of advertisements: Organic and paid. The organic advertisement is free of advertising costs. If you want to use paid advertisement, you have to bear costs.


Organic advertisement

In this chapter, you'll get to know which marketing tools you can use after your app launch.

Define the added value of your app

Your app gets more attractive for your customers when you tell them the added value. For this, you can use special offers and campaigns that are app-exclusive. Features such as Deal of the day and push messages help you to inform your customers about upcoming campaigns. With this, you are increasing the download rate of your app and create a closer bond to your customers.push_messages_en_attention.png


Promote the app on your website

Draw the attention of your target group to your app. Mention the app on your website using pop-ups, on a certain landing page or on the order confirmation page after a successful order. Add a direct link to App Store or Google Play Store. You can use badges for this.

In case you are using a mobile website of Shopgate, there is an automatic smart banner to download your app.


Shortly describe what your customers can expect from your app and why it is worthwhile. A successful app description can convince your customers to download the app. Offering a coupon as a welcoming gesture can generate downloads as well.


Use social media channels

Recommendations in social media ensure app downloads. Promote the app on your Facebook page and in other social media channels. When you pin your app to your timeline, your customers take notice.


Promote your app using newsletters

Mention the app in your newsletter and add a direct link to the App Store and Google Play Store.



Use package garnish and print advertisement with QR codes for app downloads

Remind your customers of the app using flyers in the package. Encourage them with a QR-code to download the app. Link the QR-code to a coupon to create an incentive.

Show the QR-codes in your advertising in your brochures as well as in public such as in stations to generate new customers.


Optimise the discoverability of your app in the app stores

When your app is uploaded to the App Store, you can start doing App Store Optimization.


Advertisement within the term

Promote your apps in all marketing channels

Make sure to mention and promote your app in all channels. Great tools for this are newsletters and social media postings.

When you present your products on fairs from time to time, you can add QR-Codes to your flyers and posters. With this, your customers can download your app immediately and shop in your app on their way home.



Link your catalogs to your app (Scan & Buy)

The Scan & Buy technology of Shopgate allows your customers to take a photo of your catalog page and directly order the products.

Using linked catalogs shows your customers that you attempt to offer more comfort and fun while shopping.


Update your design from time to time

Change your app design from time to time to draw the attention of your customers. These design updates are especially worth around Christmas or special campaigns.


Promote app reviews of your customers

When your app has a lot of good reviews, this encourages possible customers to download it. Offer a coupon to your customers when they bought something in your app to review it.


Paid advertisement

In case you don't have time for big marketing campaigns on your own, we can help you with our Shopgate marketing services.

Advertisement with Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads, you can draw attention to the app with advertisements on Facebook. Facebook Pixel and Facebook Analytics help you tracking Facebook customers' behavior and to address the right target group.


Generate app installations using Google Adwords

Besides a higher visibility, Google Adwords allows you to track your mobile shop with Google AdWords.


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