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Connect with your mobile customers using Shopgate.


With AmeriCommerce, you are able to create your app and mobile website with the following features:





Import to AmeriCommerce



Customer Account

Login with Desktop Shop Account
Login to Desktop Shop with Mobile Account
Customer Groups/Tier Pricing
Show Desktop Orders On Mobile


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Export to Shopgate Mobile Shop




Delivery Status "Shipped"
Order Status "Canceled"
Stock Quantity, on Product Detail Page


Validate, upon Cart Changes

Shipping Method & Price
Product Availability



Request SOAP API Service

The first step is to request enablement of the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) API Service in your AmeriCommerce account. Read more on AmeriCommerce's support site: What is API integration?

To request SOAP API service to your account, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Log in to your AmeriCommerce backend.
  2. Request your SOAP API key at the Developer's API SDK Access page. Note that this is a paid service at AmeriCommerce.
  3. Note down your SOAP API key. You will need to enter this key as your "AmeriCommerce API Key" later.

Create API credentials

In this chapter, you will learn how to create the API credentials required in Build your mobile shop at Shopgate.

Enable API Access to a User Group

After SOAP API service is enabled for your AmeriCommerce account, you will be able to enable API Permissions to a User Group. This can be done by following our simple steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Security → User Roles/Groups, select a group you want to enable API Access to, and click the Edit icon.
    NOTE: If you need to create a User Group for this purpose, click the big orange New button on the top right.

  2. User Group Permissions window will open. If SOAP API service is enabled, you will see "API" listed as an option in the Permissions table. Enable API Access to this User Group by selecting all 4 checkboxes on the row labeled "API". Click Save.

Now you have successfully enabled API access to the selected User Group. Continue to create an "API" User - this user account will be used to access the API data.

Create an "API" User

  1. Create a special "API" User Account by navigating to People → Users. Click the New button on the top-right.

  2. In the New User window, select a Username and a Password, and note them down in a safe place. These will be your API credentials at Shopgate. You will need to enter them as your "AmeriCommerce API Username" and "AmeriCommerce API Password" later.

  3. In the section labeled "Member of," please select the User Group you have given the API Access to in Enable API Access to a User Group. Fill in the other information as you wish, and click Save.

That's it! Now you have all the information ready to build your mobile shop with Shopgate.

Build your mobile shop

To build your AmeriCommerce mobile shop at Shopgate, simply enter your AmeriCommerce API key and credentials. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin and navigate to Integration → Install Interface.
  2. In the drop-down labeled "Select a system," start typing "AmeriCommerce" and select it from the search result.
  3. A pop-up will open. Enter your AmeriCommerce store URL. Enter your SOAP API Key as your AmeriCommerce API key. Enter the username and password from your User Account as your AmeriCommerce API Username & Password. Click Connect to establish the interface.

  4. If a connection is made successfully, the pop-up shown below will open. Leave all assignments to ON and click Save.

That's it! Now the Shopgate backend will automatically start to import product data via the newly established interface. Welcome to the mobile world!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my mobile shop?

You do not need to manually update your mobile shop. Whenever there is an update in the Shopgate software, we will update your shop via API method automatically.


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