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Creating a Shopgate app coupon

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Coupons are a fantastic marketing tool to generate sales on your app. Offering coupons to new or existing customers persuades them to make a purchase with less hesitation. Big seasonal promotions like semi-annual sales or Black Friday sales are often paired with coupons.

In this article, you will find out how to create an app coupon at Shopgate.


Create an app coupon

For many, the coupons your web shop offers will automatically work on your Shopgate app. If you would like, you can create an app coupon at Shopgate by following the steps below. You can also import new or existing coupons via a CSV file.

  1. Log into your Shopgate Admin, and navigate to Marketing → Coupons.
  2. On the Coupons page, click Create new to create a new coupon.
  3. A lightbox opens – configure your coupon here by following the information in the table below. Click Save
    If the "Restrict to products and/or category" option is enabled in the configuration, you will be able to link a specific product or category to this coupon at the bottom of the next page that opens.
    Code Enter a coupon code here using only capital letters (no accents), numbers, and hyphens.
    Item number Enter a name or number to identify your coupon.
    Name Enter a coupon name to display in cart and checkout.
    Note Leave an internal note for you and your staff.
    Value of coupon Enter a number to deduct a set amount (in your shop's currency) when this coupon is used. Enter 0 to only use a percentage discount.
    Discount percentage Enter a number between 0 and 100 to deduct a set percentage discount when this coupon is used. Enter 0 to only use a set amount discount.
    Free shipping When enabled, free shipping will be applied to the entire order.
    Device Type Choose where you want your customers to use this coupon.
    Restrict to products and/or category Check this box to tie this coupon only to selected products and/or categories.
    Valid only in certain countries Select Yes to apply coupon only to specific countries.
    Valid for the following countries Select the countries this coupon is valid for.
    Show on public lists Not in use anymore.
    Redeem limit

    Select Once to allow only one usage of this coupon (good for doorbuster prizes or testing purposes). Select Once per customer to allow only one use per customer account. Select Unlimited to allow the customers to use this coupon more than once.

    If you allow your customers to use guest checkout or express payment methods (example: PayPal, Amazon Pay), the coupon setting for "Once per customer" redeem limit can’t be guaranteed. For more information, please contact Shopgate Support.

    Minimum order value When a number is entered here, a coupon can only be used when the order amount before applying the coupon reaches this number. Note that, this value is the sum of ALL products in the cart, even if "Not valid for discounted items" is enabled for this coupon.
    Valid from Enter a start date of the coupon.
    Valid until Enter an end date of the coupon.
    Not valid for discounted items Select Yes to apply coupon only to regular-priced items.
    Not valid for discounted items (msrp) Select Yes to apply coupon only to items with a normal MSRP price.
    Coupon is active Select the checkbox to activate the coupon.
  4. The Coupon Details page will open. Here, you can review the details of your coupon. If you want to edit the coupon, click Edit and make the changes you see fit.

Now your coupon has been created.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do my web shop coupons work in my app?

Yes if your e-commerce platforms (ECP) is listed below.

For these ECPs, your Shopgate app sends a request to your ECP to validate a coupon's availability at checkout. You don't need to create a coupon at Shopgate if it already exists in your ECP. Your customers will be able to use all the active web shop coupons in the app seamlessly.

  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • plentymarkets
  • Shopware
  • Shopify*
  • OXID
  • xt:Commerce 4 (VEYTON)
  • osCommerce
  • JTL Software
  • OpenCart
  • BigCommerce
  • 3dCart
  • X-Cart
  • AmeriCommerce
  • JooCart
* You need to enter a user account at Shopgate Admin so your customers can use the Shopify coupons. 

How do I set up product-specific coupons?

If "Restrict to products and/or category" is enabled for a coupon, you will see options in the lower half of the coupon details page that allow you to connect the coupon to product(s) or categories.

  • Enter a product number or select a category in the "Valid products or valid category" table to apply the coupon.
  • Enter a product number or select a category in the "Invalid products or invalid category" table to exclude the use of the coupon.
  • Use both tables to apply complex rules to your coupon.

Do I need to select countries for the coupon?

If the option "Valid only in certain countries" is set to OFF, you do not need to select a country in the list. Our system will use your delivery countries as the valid countries to use this coupon.

If this option is set to ON, you will need to select the countries you wish to activate this coupon in.

What are the rules to set a discount in both value and percentage?

If you set a coupon to use both "value discount" and "percentage discount" at the same time, the rule to calculate this discount is First percentage, then value. This means we will take off the discount in percentage first, then subtract the discount in value.

See the mathematical formula here:

Discounted Price = Original Price * (1- percentage discount) - discount value

For example, a coupon has been set to have a $5 discount in value and 25% off discount. Assume a customer has ordered $100 worth of items.

Discounted Price = $100 * (1-25%) - $5 = $75 -$5 = $70

Can I allow multiple coupons to be used at the same time?

If your shopping cart system is listed at the top of this article, you can allow your customers to use up to two coupons at a time.

To do so, log into your Shopgate Admin, navigate to Marketing → Coupons, and turn the option "Allow multiple coupons"   to ON.

When this option is ON
Up to 2 coupons per cart are allowed – one mobile coupon (created at the Shopgate Admin), and one desktop coupon (created in your shopping cart system).
The discount will be the combined value and/or percentage of the coupons. Two mobile coupons or two desktop coupons cannot be redeemed in the same cart.
When this option is OFF
Your customers can only use one coupon per cart.
If more than one coupon has been added to the cart, only the mobile coupon will be accepted.


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