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Listing store locations in your app

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Easily set up your business’s physical locations, making it much easier for your customers to find you. This article walks you through setting up Store Finder for your mobile app.

Enter store locations

Wanting to list your physical store locations for your customers in your app? No problem. Follow these easy instructions below.

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin and navigate to Settings → Store Finder.
  2. On the Store Finder page, click Add a store to add a physical location.

  3. Enter your store's name, street address, city, state, zip code, and country. You can also enter a description and then click Save.

  4. Enter the physical address next to the map and click Save. Now your customers will be able to locate your shops in Google Maps. You're also able to set business hours for your store(s) once you have saved the Google Maps location.

Now you have successfully entered your shop locations.

Add an entry to your app

You need to add an entry in your mobile website and native apps for your customers to find your stores.

To do so, follow the steps here:

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin page.
  2. Navigate to Design → More menu.


  3. In the section "Add a new menu item," click the drop-down and select Display stores from the list. Click +Add.

  4. A pop-up will open and from there, you'll edit the name for your store locations in the text field "Label" and click Save.

Now you have successfully added an entry for store locations on your mobile site and apps. If the entry doesn't show up immediately, be sure to clear your shop cache. Learn how in this article.

How do my customers find me?

Your customers can locate your shop by going to the mobile app or website on a smartphone or tablet.

  1. First, find the entry for the store locations.

    In the app:

    On the mobile website:

    The entries are shown on the "More" page under the section "More."

    Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and look for Location (or the entry name you customized earlier) under More.

  2. Click on the entry to reveal the store locations page. Stores that are near your customers' current location will be listed as "Nearby." To see all locations, click Show all.

    In the app

    On the mobile website

  3. Click a store to see more details. On this page, your customers can start navigating to your shop with a map app on their smartphone or tablet. They can also see your business hours, send you an email, call your contact number, and visit your website and social media conveniently.

    In the app

    On the mobile website

To set up or make changes to other general information about your shop, read:


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