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My changes won't show up. What should I do?


Running into issues where your colors won't change, banner images won't update, or new products won't show up? Don't panic, reload your Shopgate mobile website by clicking on the browser's refresh button or pressing the keyboard shortcut "ctrl+F5" on Windows and "Command+R" on Mac.


If this doesn't help, it's probably because your changes have been cached. To clear your shop's cache on your end, follow the steps below:

Changes such as app loading screens, app icon, and app name cannot be reflected by clearing cache. To apply these changes, please request an app update
  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin page.

  2. Click on Integration from the menu bar, and then Utilities.

  3. On the Utilities page, click on Clear Shop Cache and wait for the page to load again.

  4. After that, refresh your Shopgate mobile shop or reload your apps. Now your changes should be shown.


 If this article didn't help, try Troubleshooting: Products missing / outdated



  • Avatar
    Daniel Housley

    Doesn't work. When I make a change in the web Shopgate admin, it won't show up in the mobile app for 24 hours. So frustrating. Am I missing something?

  • Avatar
    Jingjing Liu


    I'm sorry to hear that! Can you tell me exactly what wouldn't show up in the mobile app? This sounds like something related to the shopping cart system interface. Let me know! I'd like to help.


  • Avatar
    Rich Altman

    Tried all of the suggestions and nothing is working. Anyone have any suggestions other than these?