Shipping, Payments + Taxes

Manage shipping, payment methods, and taxes.


If you're based in the US and need to update your payment method, please contact Shopgate support.

Support various payments in Germany with Masterpayment, including:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • SOFORT Überweisung
  • Invoice payments

Collect information

Account Info Description

Sender, Channel, Login, Password, Secret

If you don't already know the information listed here, contact Masterpayment.

Transaction Type (credit card only)

Choose a transaction type to accept customer payments.

3D Secure account (credit card only)

Tell us whether you use 3D Secure account or not for your Credit Card payments via Masterpayment. Confirm with Masterpayment if you are not sure about this option.

Supported credit card types (credit card only)

Choose the credit cards you accept with Masterpayment.

Due days (Invoice only)

"Due days" is the number of days within which a customer should pay. This period starts after an order has been delivered to a customer. The standard due days are 19 days after delivery. If you are not sure about your due days, please contact Masterpayment.

Set up Masterpayment

To set up Masterpayment as a payment provider, complete the following steps.

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin and navigate to Settings → Payment.
  2. Find Add payment method section, and search for Masterpayment. From the result list, select Credit card, PayPal, SOFORT Überweisung, or Invoice under "Masterpayment" for the corresponding payment methods you want to accept via Masterpayment.
  3. Enter your Masterpayment account information in the pop-up window:
    Credit card/PayPal/ OFORT Überweisung/Invoice.

    For credit card payments, please select the transaction type and supported credit card that are configured in your Masterpayment account. Click Save. Your account information will be validated automatically.

That's it! Masterpayment is now successfully set up as your payment provider.


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