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Setting up Stripe


Stripe is available as a payment service provider on Shopgate.

By setting up your Stripe account at Shopgate, you will be able to accept the following types of payment from the available marketplace:

  Credit Card
UK Yes
Germany Yes
Austria Yes
Switzerland No
Poland No
France No


In this article, you will find everything you need to set up Stripe as a payment method for your apps and mobile website.

To configure Apple Pay for your account, read Setting up Apple Pay via Stripe


Topics covered in this article:

  1. Getting started
  2. Setting up Stripe at Shopgate
  3. Finding the required information
  4. Setting up Apple Pay via StripeNEW!


1. Getting started

Please prepare the following information before you set up Stripe as a credit card payment at Shopgate.

Account Info Description
Live Secret Key

This is the key to your Stripe live configurations. Using this key, you will be able to create a mobile shop with Shopgate.

Where can I find the Live Secret Key?

Live Publishable Key

This key enables additional settings such as free shipping, additional charges or discounts, and Min/Max cart amount.

Where can I find the Live Secret Key? 

Transaction Type

Choose a transaction type to accept customer payments.

For more information, please read Which Transaction Type should I use?

Supported credit card types

Choose the credit cards you accept with Stripe.



2. Setting up Stripe at Shopgate

To set up Stripe as a credit card payment method at Shopgate, please complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin page.

  2. Click on Settings from the menu bar, then select Payment.

  3. Find Add payment method section, start typing Stripe and select it from the list when it appears.

  4. Enter your Stripe account information in the pop-up window. Set up additional charges in the lower half of the pop-up. Your account information will be validated automatically. 

That's it! Stripe is now successfully set up as your credit card payment provider.



3. Finding the required information

To find your Live Secret Key, please log on to Stripe and navigate to Your account > Account Settings.

In the pop-up window, navigate to API Keys and look for Live Secret Key and Live Publishable Key. Copy and paste these keys to your Shopgate Stripe configuration page above (step 4). 



4. Setting up Apple Pay via Stripe

To set up Apple Pay via Stripe, please follow the steps below:

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to set up your Stripe account (see Chapter 2) before adding Apple Pay.

Step 1. Add Apple Pay as a payment method

On your Shopgate Admin, add Apple Pay as a credit & debit card payment for your apps and mobile website.

Step 2. Obtain Apple CSR from Stripe

  1. On your Stripe dashboard, head to the Apple Pay section and click "Add new application".

  2. Your CSR file will automatically start to download.

  3. Once the CSR started to download, you can click Cancel to finish this step for now.

Step 3. Generate Apple Pay Certificate at Shopgate

  1. Upload your CSR file to Shopgate - we will generate the certificate for you.
  2. Follow the instructions to download the Apple Pay Certificate once it's generated.
 We will also compile the certificate into your app (so Apple Pay can work) and schedule an app update for you. The review process at Apple could take up to 2 weeks.

Step 4. Upload Apple Pay Certificate to Stripe

  1. Once you have the Apple Pay Certificate, go back to the Apple Pay section at Stripe and click "Add new application" again.

  2. Click Continue in the next 2 pop-ups.

  3. Upload your "Apple Pay Certificate" for final verification.

Now you have finished your part to add Apple Pay to your apps and mobile website.

Once your iOS certificate has been verified by Stripe and your app has been updated in the App Store, you will be ready to accept credit and debit card payments via Apple Pay.


For more information on adding Apple Pay, please read Setting up Apple Pay.