How does Shopgate import my products & categories?

The Shopgate technology imports products and categories to your mobile shop via the Shopgate plugin installed in your shopping cart system. All product information is transferred to the database using XML or CSV files.

Below you can find out more information about how Shopgate imports products and categories for your mobile shop.


General workflow

The general workflow of a product and category import looks like this:

  1. When an import request is triggered, an XML or a CSV file that contains a list of your products and one contains categories will be generated.
  2. Your XML or CSV files will then be downloaded to the Shopgate backend.
  3. The files will first reach the "work queue" where import requests from all Shopgate mobile shops are lined up to be processed. When it is your turn, your product / category information will be written in our database.
  4. Now your shop is updated with the latest products and categories.



Automatic import

When a connection is created between your plugin and Shopgate, all products and categories will be imported automatically for the first time.

Afterwards, your shop is automatically queued in our smart pipeline system. Our system then schedules an import for your shop periodically. This service runs 24/7, 365 days a year to make sure your products and categories are updated in a timely manner.

To check if your product import is running, please read Is my product import running?


Manual import

We understand that sometimes one or more products may move faster than the others, or you wish to reflect a major change in products and / or categories in your mobile shop immediately. Therefore, we have provided a manual import option to you.

To learn how, please read How do I start a product import?


For more troubleshooting guidance on product import, please read “Troubleshooting: Products missing / outdated”.
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