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Setting up Deal of the Day

This powerful marketing tool promotes limited-time offers in your mobile shop. A Deal of the Day runs for a specified time period, usually 24 hours, to attract customers' attention. Deals can be configured to take effect at any future time and will stop automatically when the time period expires. You can set as many deals as possible for the same time period, or for different time periods.

This can be highly useful for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any big sales. For example, at your shop's semi-annual sale event, configure a Deal of the Day for seven consecutive days to drive your mobile visits. Your customers will see the Deal of the Day with a countdown on your mobile website and apps. If you set up the Deal of the Day with the push notification function, your app users will be informed on their smartphones up to two hours prior to the offer start time. 

Where can I find the Deal of the Day feature?

The Deal of the Day feature can be found in your Shopgate Admin page.

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin page.
  2. Click on Marketing from the menu bar, then select Deal of the Day.


How can I set up a Deal of the Day?

Setting the basics

On your Deal of the Day page, find Basic Settings.

  1. A default title of "Deal of the day" has been entered for you. If you want to display a different title, please type it in the title's text box.
  2. Choose whether or not you want to always show the stock quantity of a promoted product.
  3. Click Save. This will set the basis for your deals of the day.


Creating a promotion

  1. To create a new deal of the day, click Add promotion.


  2. A pop-up will open. Configure the deal with a future date/time, product number, an offer price (optional), and a push notification (optional). A few notes: 

    When an hour or minute is not entered, the beginning and end times will be set to 12:00 am and 11:59pm.

    Time is in 24-hour format.

    You can plan a time to send out push notifications to your app users. This time must be between 2 hours before the promotion starts and the moment the promotion ends. When left empty, push notifications will be sent when the promotion starts.

    Now that you've noted and followed these rules, click Save.

  3. Now you can see your Deal(s) of the Day listed on this page. Currently running deals will be listed as "planned promotions." Past deals are listed as "expired promotions." Click on the product name (blue link) to go to the product details' page. Click Abort to stop the current deal and list the deal as expired.

Displaying on mobile website & apps

To display a Deal of the Day on your mobile website & apps, add a widget by following the instructions below:

  1. In your Shopgate Admin page, navigate to Design → Homepage layout.


  2. On the Homepage layout page, you will see "Smartphone" and "Tablet" tabs. In these tabs, select Deal of the Day from the drop-down "Add a new widget."


  3. A pop-up window will open. Click Add to add this widget.

    To edit or view your current Deal of the Day promotions, click here. Your Deal of the Day page will open in a new tab. Alternatively, open your Shopgate Admin in a new tab and navigate to Marketing  Deal of the day.

  4. Now you have successfully added an entry for "deal of the day" on your mobile website and If the entry doesn't show up immediately, you need to clear your shop's cache. To learn how, read this article.

What does the Deal look like to my customers?

On your mobile website

On your mobile website, a section called "Deal of the day" will appear by default right below your banner images. Your customers will see the name of the product on sale, how much time they have before the deal ends, and the deal price. The customers will be able to click on the Show Product button on the front page to view or purchase this deal easily.

On your native apps

On your native apps, your customers will need to click on a menu entry called "Deal of the day" on the app's homepage to reveal the page shown below. They will see the name of the product on sale, how much time they have before the deal ends, and the deal price. The customers will be able to click the Show Product button to easily view or purchase this deal.


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