Setting up Catalogs

The Shopgate catalog is a paid feature. It is a great tool to advertise your products on your mobile website and apps. In this article, you will find out everything you need to display your catalogs in your mobile shop.


What can catalogs do?

Browse products anywhere 

With the catalog function enabled, your customers can browse products in your shop's catalog on their smartphones conveniently.


Scan & Buy

You can also set up catalog products to be linked to their detail pages in your mobile shop. When your customers tapped on these products, the product pages will open in the mobile website or app (if installed). This makes it easier for your customers to put a product in the shopping cart or save it for later.




How do my customers access catalogs?

A mobile catalog can be accessed in 3 different ways:

  1. Click on the Open Catalog button in the mobile website or apps.
  2. When set up, with a scan of a QR code
  3. When set up, with a scan of a paper catalog page.


What are the requirements of the catalog pages?

Catalog pages are displayed in your mobile shop in JPEG image format only. To help us managing your catalogs, please read the details below before you send us your catalog pages.

Required image format

  • Please provide your catalog pages to have a min. of 1415x2000 pixels in portrait mode, and 2000x1415 pixels in landscape mode.
  • Images need to have a resolution of 72300 dpi.
  • Images need to be in JPEG format.


Required file names

  • All pages should be named in numbers, i.e. 001.jpg, 002.jpg, ...
  • All pages before the first page (catalog cover page, index page, etc.) should be named accordingly with minus numbers, i.e. -001.jpg, -002.jpg, ...
  • Page numbers printed on the page images should match the file names.


CSV file with products for scanning

To enable the Scan & Buy function in your catalog, please provide us with a CSV file (shown below). Please provide us with the page number, product number, product position in x-axis and y-axis(in %).



How do I order the catalog feature?

To order catalogs for in your mobile website and apps, please contact your friendly Shopgate support team.

To give you a cost estimation, we will need to know how many pages do you want to have in the catalog, and if you wound like to link the products to your mobile shop.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is my catalog not scannable?

An external Shopgate server exports and indexes all catalog requests once every 6 hours, i.e. 4 times a day. If your catalog has been uploaded within the past few hours, it's possible that the catalog is still being processed. Simply wait a little longer, and your catalog should be ready for you and your customers to scan.


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