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How do I manage my contract and invoices options?

It just takes one trip into your Shopgate Admin.

Where can I view my contracts and invoices?

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin page.
  2. Click on your name on the top right, and select Contract & Invoices. Now you should see all your contracts and invoices listed on this page.

Changing your contract and invoice address

You can change your contract and invoice address on your Contract & Invoices page.

  1. Point your mouse to the address field, and the area will be highlighted with a blue background.


  2. Click on the blue area to show the address in editing mode. Edit your address, and click Save.

Note that this address is for billing purposes only, and can be different from your physical store location. To make changes to your physical store address, please go to Settings >General

Updating contract & payment

You can make changes to your contract and payment information by clicking Change.

To update your payment information, click Change Payment. The pop-up below will show up. Make changes, then click Save changes.

To cancel a contract, please contact your sales personnel.

Downloading invoices

You can download an invoice by clicking the PDF or CSV button to the right of the invoice.

To download multiple invoices in CSV format, check the checkboxes of the invoices, then click the big blue button on top.


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