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UPS automated shipping rates

Learn how to set up automated shipping rate via UPS for your Shopgate mobile app and website.

 Add UPS shipping rate

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin and navigate to Settings → Shipping.
  2. Click the drop-down labeled +Add a rate and choose UPS. To add a manual shipping rate, read this article.
  3. A configuration window will pop up. Configure your UPS shipping rate as you like. Click Save at the end of the window. More detailed explanations about the configuration options are listed below. 

Configure shipping options

Name & Description

Shipping Title This is the name of the shipping rate that will be displayed in your mobile shop.
Internal name This is the name of the shipping rate that will be displayed for your own info. This name will not be visible to your customers.
Description* This description will be shown to your customers in your mobile shop. Please note that UPS does not ship to P.O. boxes. Please make sure to include this information in your description.

Package details

Negotiated Rates If you use the Negotiated Rates service from UPS, please check this option and enter your credentials.
Packaging Type Select your package type.
Services Select all UPS services that apply.
Destination type Select a destination type: residential or commercial.
Pick-up Type Select a pickup type.
Ship-from address Enter the address of your warehouse where your products are shipped. If left blank, shipping costs and taxes will be calculated from the address on your contract.
Customer classification Select a customer classification.

Set package limits

Maximum weight Set a maximum weight for all orders. Leave it blank to ignore this function.
Set package limits Turn this to ON to set a limit on package length, width, and height. Set it to OFF to ignore this function.

Additional options

Ignore in product set shipping If you have set shipping costs to individual products, check here to ignore these shipping costs.
Always include additional item costs and exclude other costs When enabled, basic shipping cost is ignored.
Free shipping on all orders over... Customers will get free shipping when they order products for more than this amount.
Additional shipping costs

Set an additional shipping cost for each order. Put quite simply:

the total shipping costs =

basic shipping cost + additional shipping cost + other product-specific shipping costs (if applicable)

All shipping costs are... Set this option to net if you charge taxes on shipping costs. Otherwise, set it to gross.

Delivery countries

Delivery countries Choose all the countries and regions this shipping rate applies to. Click the tabs to go to another continent.

That's it! You have successfully set up your automated UPS rate for your mobile shop. Continue to add another rate if desired.


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