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Shopgate supports Paymorrow as a payment service provider.

By setting up your Paymorrow account at Shopgate, you will be able to accept the following types of payment from the available marketplace:

  Invoice, Direct Debit
Germany Yes
Austria Yes
Switzerland No
Poland No
France No


In this article, you will find everything you need to set up Paymorrow as a payment method for your mobile website and apps.



To set up Paymorrow as an invoice and direct debit payment method, please complete the steps in Chapter 1 and 2.


Adding Paymorrow as a payment method

How to set up Paymorrow at Shopgate?

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin page.

  2. Click on Settings from the menu bar, then select Payment.

  3. Find Add payment method section, and start typing Paymorrow. Select Invoice or Direct Debit according to your Paymorrow account.

  4. Enter your Paymorrow account information in the pop-up window and click Save.
    For more assistance, please read where can i find the required information?

What information is needed?

  • Merchant ID: This is a special ID for Shopgate users, not your normal Paymorrow Merchant ID


Where can i find the required information?

Please contact customer service at Paymorrow for a Shopgate Merchant ID. The contact information is listed below:

Phone number: +49 721 480 84 10


Adding extra fields to your mobile shop

Your Paymorrow system requires a phone number and a birthday for all orders. Please contact Shopgate support at to add the following 2 fields.

Field for customer's phone number

Please ask your Shopgate support expert to add an extra field for entering a phone number at checkout with these settings:

Label Phone
Internal Fieldname phone
Form element type Input
Validationrules(JSON) {"minLength":{"rule":["userDefined","CustomValidation","minLength","7"],"allowEmpty":true}}
Belongs to User


Field for customer's birthday

Add an extra field for entering a birthday. There are 2 ways to set this up. Please choose only one of the following:

Option 1: Add a mandatory birthday field to the registration form

  • This will require ALL of your customers to enter a birthday at registration.
  • Please let your support personnel know that they need to check the "Add a mandatory birthday field" option.

Option 2: Add an extra field for entering a birthday at checkout

  • All your customers will see this field, however only Paymorrow users are required to enter a birthday.
  • Your customers are not required to enter a birthday at registration.
  • Please let your support personnel know that they need to use the following settings:

    Label Please enter your birthday if you selected Paymorrow as your payment method.
    Internal Fieldname birthday
    Form element type Date
    Validationrules(JSON) {"formattedDate":{"rule":["userDefined","CustomValidation","formattedDate"],"allowEmpty":true}}
    Belongs to Order / Checkout


After the above fields are added, an Additional information field will show up in your mobile shop at checkout. You should now see a "Phone" text box and/or a "birthday" option right above Your Cart.


That's it! Now you have successfully set up Paymorrow as a payment provider for your shop.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do my guest users change their phone number?

A phone number is required from Paymorrow. If a user entered a wrong phone number, Paymorrow will not accept the user and return an error. For guest users who don't have a login, there is no way to change their phone number unless an extra field is added to your mobile website.

We are currently working on adding it for you. Until we have this field ready, please contact your Shopgate Support team or your Integration Manager to add an extra field for entering a phone number.

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