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How do I select a transaction type?

When configuring a payment at Shopgate, you will likely be asked to select a transaction type for this payment. Your payment methods and payment providers will show up in your mobile website and native apps. In this article, you will find the explanations about each transaction type.

Credit card transaction types

For credit card transactions, you can choose between Authorize and Capture and Authorize Only.

  • Authorize and Capture
    This is the most common type of credit card transactions. The amount is sent for authorization and is captured directly, so the credit card of the customer gets charged immediately.

  • Authorize Only
    With this transaction type, the payment is sent for authorization only. The amount will be reserved on the customers credit card but will not be charged yet. In order to charge the money the transaction needs to be captured in a second step (e.g. after the order is shipped). This method is mostly used by merchants who have a delayed order fulfillment process.


PayPal Transaction Types

For PayPal transaction type, you can choose between Sale, Order, and Authorization.

  • Sale: We recommend selecting this for immediate payments from your customers.
  • Order: When selected, this will create an order. You will not get paid automatically.
  • Authorization: When selected, PayPal will authorize a payment to capture later. This will require your action before you can collect a payment from a customer.

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