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Manage shipping, payment methods, and taxes.


When configuring Shopgate for your Wirecard account, you can accept the following payment methods:

  Credit Card PayPal SOFORT Banking iDEAL SEPA Direct Debit
USA No No No No No
UK Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Germany Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Austria Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Switzerland Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Poland Yes Yes Yes No No
France Yes No No No No
Netherland Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Collecting necessary information

Please prepare the following information before you set up Wirecard payment methods at Shopgate.

Account Info Description
Customer ID Customer number you received from Wirecard.
Secret String which you received from Wirecard for signing and validating data to prove their authenticity.
Shop ID (Wirecard) - optional
Shop identifier if you have more than one shop. Please note that this field is optional.
Service URL URL on the payment page which leads to the imprint page of the online shop.
Wirecard Checkout solution During setup, choose the solution you are using: Wirecard Checkout Page or Wirecard Checkout Seamless.

For more details, please read Finding the required information

Setting up Wirecard at Shopgate

To set up the payment methods you want to offer at Shopgate, please complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin page.

  2. Click Settings from the menu bar, then select Payment
  3. For your apps and mobile websites both Wirecard solutions are available. Depending on your Wirecard solution, enter "Checkout Page" or "Checkout Seamless" in the section labeled "Add payment method." This will allow you to find and select the respective payment methods.

  4. Enter your Wirecard information in the pop-up window. Your account information will be validated automatically.
    For more assistance, please read where can I find the required information?

That's it! Wirecard is now successfully set up. If you want to offer more than one payment method repeat the steps above. 

Finding the required information

Account Info Description
Customer ID Please contact Wirecard if you need any assistance.
Shop ID (Wirecard)
Service URL

If you use the standard shop imprint page described in this article, your service URL should be (use your shop name instead of "my-shop"):

  • US shop: http://"my-shop"
  • DACH shop: http://"my-shop"

If you use a special page for your shop info, please enter the page URL in the field.


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