JTL Software

JTL Software is available as a shopping cart system at Shopgate.

By setting up a connection in your JTL shop to Shopgate, you will get these wonderful features straight into your mobile shop and apps:





Import to JTL Software



Customer Account

Login with Desktop Shop Account
Login to Desktop Shop with Mobile Account
Customer Groups / Tier Pricing
Show Desktop Orders On Mobile



Export to Shopgate Mobile Shop




Delivery Status "Shipped"
Order Status "Canceled"
Stock Quantity, on Product Detail Page


Validate, upon Cart Changes

Shipping Method & Price
Product Availability


Payments Supported

JTL uses its own logic for payment mapping.


Plugin is developed by external developer Andreas Guder. For questions regarding the plugin, please visit his website http://www.andreas-guder.de/agi-software/jtl-shop3.html

In this article, you will find everything you need to set up a connection to Shopgate for your JTL shop.


Install the Shopgate Plugin

  1. On your FTP server, go to the root directory of your shop. Copy the entire directories of "includes", "shopgate_library", and "shopgate_request". (In your root directory, you should also see these folders: "admin", "bilder", and "classes".)
  2. Find the plugin "Shopgate Plugin (AGI Plugin)" in Pluginverwaltung of your shop and install it.
  3. Enter "test" as your license key. This will give you a 14-day free trial. After 14 days, you will need a license key to use the plugin. For more information on this topic, please contact our external developer Andreas Guder at http://www.Andreas-Guder.de/bestelle-jtlshop-shopgate-lizenz.html.
  4. After the Shopgate plugin has been installed, please continue to set it up.


Configure the plugin

Before the plugins can function properly, a few things need to be configured. 

Find API credentials

First, get the API credentials from your Shopgate account.

  1. Log in to your Shopgate Admin and navigate to Integration → Install Interface
  2. In the drop-down labeled Select a system, type JTL and select it.
  3. A popup opens. Copy your Customer number, Shop number, API key, and Alias to a text editor - you will need to enter them into your JTL shop backend. Leave this page open. We will come back to enter an URL for importing products.


Enter the credentials

Now enter the API credentials in your JTL shop's backend.

  1. Log in to your JTL shop Admin and navigate to Plugins → Plugins → Shopgate Plugin (AGI Plugin)
  2. Switch to the tab API-Einrichtung to give the following folders "write permission" over your FTP program or web interface. Repeat the step until error "not writable" disappears from all directory.
    • shopgate_library/temp/
    • shopgate_library/temp/cache/
    • shopgate_library/temp/logs/
    • shopgate_library/config/
  3. Enter your Shopgate Customer number, Shop number, API key, and Alias copied from the previous chapter. Uncheck the option "activate mobile redirect" for now - this option needs to be done later. Click Speichern to save.

Edit settings for import and export

Navigate to Export-Einstellungen and Import-Einstellungen to set up import and export options.

In Import-Einstellungen, you can configure your payments. To do so, follow instructions Mapping payment methods.

If you run into any questions or problems, please refer to this wiki page: http://wiki.jtl-software.de/index.php?title=Kategorie:Shop-FAQ


Establish connections

Enter your shop's URL in your Shopgate Admin backend to create the connection:

  1. Go back to the page you left open in "Find API credentials".
  2. In the pop-up window under 2. Enter URL, enter an URL for importing products from your shop and click Connect. This URL for importing products should look like "http://your-shop-URL/shopgate_request/agi_shopgate_plugin.php". For example:

  3. When the connection is made successfully, a pop-up like this will open. Leave all assignments to ON and click Save.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully created a Shopgate mobile shop. Once import finishes (progress bar disappears), you should be able to see your mobile shop filled with products! Welcome to the mobile world 😊


Activate mobile redirect

To redirect mobile visitors to your mobile website, follow the steps here:

  1. In your JTL Shop 3 Admin backend, navigate to the menu point Plugins → Plugins → Shopgate Plugin (AGI Plugin).
  2. On the plugin page, click on tab "API settings" and check the option "activate mobile redirect".

Now your mobile website will be successfully forwarded.


Map payment methods

On page "Import-Einstellungen", you will see all the payment methods that are supported at Shopgate (column "Shopgate"). Those that are supported at your JTL shop are listed in the drop-down list (column "Shop").

  1. To map payment methods, look for the ones that are used in your Shopgate mobile shop and select a corresponding payment from the dropdown list.
  2. If you use Shopgate payment methods, select "Shopgate" for section Zahlungsart "Shopgate" zuordnen. Configure additional settings if necessary. Click Save.

Now you have successfully mapped your payment methods.


If you have finished all tasks described above, you have successfully set up everything you need for your JTL mobile shop with Shopgate. Now simply sit back and watch your business grow!


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